Thursday, July 8, 2010


If you have a question, comment, or problem, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. Spam e-mails, mean comments, and vulgar things are very highly discouraged--they will be deleted promptly and your hard work will all be at a waste!

To would-be pen pals: I am sorry, but at this time I cannot become your pen-pal, as much as I enjoy meeting new girls and getting to know them. I have simply too much to do, and already have a large list of pen-pals waiting for letters. So, please do not e-mail me about this unless you are willing to wait a year or so! ;)

I also do product reviews, ad sponsorship, and giveaways--for more information on these things please visit my PR/Sponsor page.


  1. When I click on send me a doesn't do anything...

  2. I just sent you an email.

  3. Hey Lu! :) I love your blog and your posts congratualtions on your recent victory! :) I added your button to my blog! :)

    hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! :)

  4. I've just started reading your blog and I thoroughly enjoy it! Your button is now on my blog.


  5. Hi Lucia,
    Just wondering if I missed the posting for the finalists for this contest or if it hasn't been posted yet ;-) I've really enjoyed your blog!


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