Monday, July 19, 2010

A Fair Week!

I have been SO busy lately, I don’t even know what to begin with, dear Readers! Oly to say that: I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to put up the pictures for the AOGG Fashion Show; I was simply *too* busy. =) But I am planning on taking them soon, and putting them up just for fun! So, don’t lose your hats just yet. ;)

The County Fair has been the core cause of my busyness this week/few weeks. That and school, which we are STILL not done with. =( Anyways, first things first:

Last Monday, it was RUSH RUSH RUSH to get our fair entries done and entered. That took a good two days. Then, it was PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE for Liv and I, because we were entering the talent show (*shiver*) that Wednesday. We did the Scottish song, “Loch Lomond,” as a guitar/piano/vocal duet. Olivia did the harmony, and I the melody.

So, Wednesday. At 6:30 p.m. we arrived, and got the keyboard and guitar in “storage” while we had about an hour before the show to look and see if our entries got anything. They did! I was pretty happy with my places. =) Then, it was time for the talent competition. I was a “bit” nervous. ;) I must say, we were NOT too pleased with our performance, but everyone said we did well (of course they said that! ;), and we made it to the finals, which was to be that Saturday. Feeling rather deflated despite this good news, we spent a little more time at the fair--until dusk.

Friday, we were back at the fair. I had purchased a ride bracelet so that I could do some rides with friends, after my “Gingerbread House” shift. The “Gingerbread House” is a little ‘shack’ at the fair that invites kids/parents in to hear the gospel, get a face paint, etc. That was wonderful--getting to tell little kids about Jesus as I painted their faces, who may have never heard before! I pray that some seed was at least planted.

Alas, after my shift was over, I realized that my bracelet card was gone. =( I looked everywhere, but to no avail. That was sad! So, I just watched the rides until the rodeo, which was fun. =) One of my friends, Kelsey L, was actually in the rodeo court (as a princess) this year! That was fun to see her ridin’ out thar, with her cowgirl hat and purty horse. ;)

Saturday: Woe was me! The dreaded finals for the talent show. This time we felt better about our performance, though, as I remembered to look up from my music and smile a lot more. Whew! And…..*drum roll* Out of the ten kids in our age group, we got third place (and $50)!! That was VERY amazing, and surprising. There were three places. I was so excited!

Then, somehow or other my mom explained about me losing my bracelet to the fair, and…they gave me a replacement! Wow--they don’t do that every day! =) So, I went on some rides with my little sister; ones that she couldn’t do by herself. That worked out! Then, it was the Saturday Night Rodeo--YEE-HAW!! ;) Very kewl. =)

Today, I am finishing up my school, picking up my money from the fair and entries, and taking a few moments to post (just because I know I should). I hope you enjoyed this brief update--blessings to you this Summer, and stay cool!

In Him,
Miss Lucia

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  1. Hi, Lucia! I just found your blog and became a follower! :) Congratulations on 3rd place-that's awesome! Great job! The Gingerbread House sounds really cool and that's awesome that you got to be a part of that. I've created an online, Christian magazine for tween and teen girls and I hope you will check it out and become a subscriber: Maybe even apply for the staff? You are a great photographer and writer.
    P.S. I just realized that I posted about my website on your photography blog, too. Oops! I hope you don't mind!


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