Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Photo Entries for Contest!

Everyone loves color. Babies adore it, fashion freaks are all for it--and I, for one, am an absolute *fan* of it! Without those delicious brights we see everyday,  life would be...colorless! =)

So, to celebrate life's little bursts of color, there is a *fun* contest I am entering today, manned by Hannah Paige! The theme is COLOR, and I got alot of joy from that. =) Here are my entries! Tell me what you think, then click HERE to go and enter your own photos!

"Beading Frenzy"

"Color Me Rainbow"

...So there you have it! Two "color" photos. =) I took several of each subject, and had SUCH a hard time deciding which to use!! =I But finally, I did these. Thanks, Hannah Paige, for hosting this contest!


  1. Those are so fun, Lucia! Good job!

  2. Thanks, Marissa! =D



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