Saturday, March 6, 2010

*Ahem!* Announcement!! Please Visit...

Hello, Dear Friends: I have an *announcement* and *request* to make of you...

Please visit my new photography blog, Capturing Creation. For a long time I have been interested in photography (like so may of us are), and have recently been taking a LOT more photos than usual! I *love* photography, an do not have one of those "good" cameras or even an editing program, but I would love to share some of my snapshots with you on this blog. Please check it out, and tell me if you have a photography blog, that I might visit! I am always interested in advice, guidelines, etc, too. =) Thanks, and hope to see you there!


  1. I'll be sure to check it out later. Right now I'm not even sure WHY I'm online...I'll explain in a blogpost later. Just wanted to let you know that my email has been fussy lately which is why I STILL have not replied to your sad widdle email... :-(
    By the way, I know a free editing program online, if you want to check it out. :-D

    Love you,

  2. COOL!!! That's pretty neat! :) I really love it! :)



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