Saturday, June 30, 2012

saturday rain || a short home film

So, we aren't going camping, after all. Dad hurt his back really badly somehow (even he isn't sure what happened!), and thus all plans are canceled.

...oh, and did I mention it's raining? 

We are disappointed, of course, but I took advantage of this newly freed [rainy] day and made a short film for you. It features a few of the scenes around our house--flowers, pets, my (grass-covered) feet. Stuff like that. 

Enjoy. :)

(music is nicole nordeman's "with you")



  1. Oh, golly, Lucia. <3 I loved this! That video is so beautiful; and the shot of you was adorable. ;) And please send rain this-a'way! It is bone dry here in AZ. :)

    Aaaand the whole post was beautiful; simply beautiful. Gorgeousness.

    And I'm praying for your Dad's back! :/



  2. ps- do you think I said enough "and"s in there? yup. ;) xx

  3. beautiful filming, beautiful editing, beautiful day...
    beautiful you.

  4. The kitties and the ducklings are so adorable! I love how you taped this - it seemed very homey. :)

  5. Ooh, I really liked that Lu! :) My camera can do video, but it doesn't have manual focus on the video side of things, so I can't do all those cool shots. :P

  6. Oh my goodness, my little siblings did a dance to this song in one of my recitals! I love this song. <3 And the video is lovely. We haven't had rain for almost three weeks, so...yeah, I'm starting to miss it a bit. :/

    xoxo, bree

  7. asadfghjk!!! Lucia! This is so lovely! :) The filming, editing, everything is awesome! :) What program did you use to put it together, if I may ask? :)

  8. That video is so full of beauty - I love it... and those ducklings! ♥

    Sorry you're not going camping. I hope your dad's back is healed up soon. :)

    p.s. it needs to rain here. send some my way :D

  9. such a beautiful video, lucia! those ducklings are adorable!
    ugh, that's terrible -- i can't imagine a camping trip being cancelled. hope you find lots of great things to do at home!

  10. Love it <3

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  11. BEAUTIFUL!! Seriously though, this was amazing! You are so talented :)


  12. Since I just got back from church camp, I'm still catching up on blog posts. I have to get it out there, I love your photography style. Girl, your portraits are beautiful, no joke. If I lived anywhere near you we would have to meet up for a photo shoot, seriously.

    And this video. Seriously, you must stop being so awesome, okay? ;-)


  13. Awesome video! It's so well done! I love how you change the focus! And the song fits perfectly! :)

  14. gah! love this, it's so wonderful :)

  15. Sometimes rainy days are the most beautiful.
    Nice videography skills! What camera did you use?

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment! I agree. :) Thank you! I use a Nikon D3100 + a 50mm 1.8. :)

  16. This video is perfection! I adore adore adore it!!


  17. Loved this video Lucia! ahhhhh, rain. We're in a hot dessert over here (slight exaggeration) haha, so that looked so refreshing. Im catching up on blog posts due the fact that I was gone at camp this past weekend. :) praying that your dad feels better! Oh! And you might want to check your messages on fb. I replied to your last message to me.

    Much love and many blessings!



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