Friday, June 29, 2012

art in the everyday. and randomosity.

I don't know why we always think of "art" as the oils and watercolors and pastels hanging in the museums. Art isn't restricted to a painting or a statue. These are indeed "art," yet are in many ways only the imitations of art. After all, statues and paintings are merely copies of the real world. Perceptions of the art around us--in the sky, in the fields, in the places the artist went and the people the artist saw. 

I like striving to live an artsy life. And by "artsy," I don't mean making my home in a greenhouse, surrounded by boxes of paint and eating baguettes + cheese (though give me that and I'll take it, I suppose). I mean living with eyes that are always perceiving and appreciating the colors and patterns and contorted emotions on the faces of those around me. 

I guess you could call it a hobby of mine. 


...I've been a little MIA for the past week or so, thanks to the general emotions and excitement and upheavals of existing. I've been helping out at a local VBS every night for the past four days, helping lead the music up front (did you know I could dance the Ten Commandment Boogie? Me neither..), playing the piano, doing skits (eek, I have a main part tonight that I have yet to finish memorizing), and assisting in herding dozens of little cuties to their various activities (I have to admit I've become a sort of beloved celebrity among the kids, despite the fact that I am constantly forced to order them about... how that happened I have no idea. But I love them all to death). 

And then there have been four hour study parties at Starbucks with Sarah (yes, we are both still experiencing the joys of schoolwork), year-end testing yesterday morning, 6:30 a.m. runs with Olivia, and hectic packing for  our week-long camping trip to Idaho (we're leaving tomorrow--guest posters, ahoy!). 

When I return, I have a second senior shoot with Jessica planned, an engagement shoot with a lovely couple (my first! Eee!), giveaways to post, a certain photo challenge to start up again (many apologies for never posting the winner of April's, or starting up the June one as case you didn't see the poll on the sidebar, our winner was Lauren), a milk maid braid tutorial to post, another vlog for y'all, and a random video of me singing. 

Yep. Only because I have gotten at least twelve requests in the past month for a video of me singing--why, I have zero idea (have I ever even mentioned singing on here??). But, I complied--let's hope you aren't too disappointed. =] I love to sing, but certainly have no claim to boisterous vocals. Whatever--you asked for it! 

Wow. I have used a lot of parentheses in this post, rambled a little, updated too much, and dawdled from my original subject reprehensibly. But, it is good to be back, though I am leaving once more--until next week, friends! And just for a spontaneous ending, because I will not be here to wish you it: Happy 4th of July. 



..Bekah is having a pretty exciting event over at her lovely blog! Be sure to go check it out. 


..I guest posted at two blogs this week, if you want something extra to read! 


  1. I want to hear you sing!! And I love those braids (:


  2. Whew, your busyness makes me tired! But everything sounds so exciting! And gorgeous photos- seriously. What do you use to edit?

  3. Your insight on "art"... yes! Yes! I agree.

    Hope you have a great trip, Lucia!

  4. beautiful pictures, Lucia! love it all. =)

    and did you get my email...?

  5. omigoodness engagement sessions=LOVE (haha, see what I did there ;)
    You'll have so much fun!


  6. Thanks for posting a little note about the party! There are certainly some wonderful giveaways! :D

  7. sounds exciting and I can't wait for the posts you mentions, especially the vlog, you singing, the photoshoot, and all of them I guess. :)

  8. beautiful photos lucia!!!!!!! your sister is gorgeous :)
    and here's another person to add to your list of singing!! i can't wait...and a vlog? awesome.
    i'm excited :)

  9. If you ever need a guest poster, I would LOVE to do it! =D

    Lovely photos. =D

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  10. I love you Lucia. That may be weird and slightly "fan girlish" for you to hear me say, but I feel like I know you. Maybe not YOU as a living breathing person, but I feel as though I know your soul. I hope you have a simply wonderful vacation time and I can't air for you to come back. :)

  11. love those pictures - omg!

    haha, can't wait to hear you sing. i'm sure you're awesome.

    enjoy your holiday!!

  12. Oh, hey! You should totally also post a video of you doing the Ten Commandment Boogie! ;P

    eve @ essence of eve

  13. Sounds like you have been busy! Summer always is, I suppose.....

    And Lucia, your photography is beautiful. Just stunning. You have improved so much from when you first got your camera. Nice job! I hope your engagement shoot goes well. (as we know it will)

    Have a wonderful week,
    ~A Friend

  14. do ittt! post those vlogs...i'd lovelovelove to hear your beautiful voice, dear friend!

  15. Your photographs are amazing! Such pretty pictures. Love your definition of "artsy", too. That's how I try to be as well. ♥

  16. I loved this post! It was so genuine, and just you. :) The pictures were amazing, and I am currently very jealous of you...because it's raining where you are! What I wouldn't give for that. It's been in the 100's all week in KY, and no rain for the past 2 weeks. Ah, well. Such is life. :)

  17. True true. The most amazing artist in the world is our wonderful Creator - and he uses all mediums.

  18. Love your insight on art! Plus, you take lovely photos!

  19. Olivia is so darn cute. [as are you!] I love all of your photos, and your blog posts. :) Thank you so much for keeping up your blog!


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