Monday, February 6, 2012

ich liebe.

I've been a little MIA around here for a few days--can you guess why? Hints: paper, sums, Civil War library books, Moby Dick..

Uh-huh. School + everything else that fills up my life has been doing just that--filling it up. But here I am again, and in the spirit of upcoming Valentine's Day (which is a favorite holiday of mine), and just to be spontaneously random, I thought I would share with you some of the things I love. 

So. Things I'm loving this week? 

>>lowercase letters. i know it's being spoiled, but it's just so easy to forget CAPS and start lovin' lowercase.  iadoreyoulowerletters! 

>>pinterest. umm...can someone say DOUBLE LOVE?! i have been having so much fun on my pinterest--that place is literally a treasure trove of eye candy and inspiration. i think my fingers are getting tired of typing, "LOVE!" "::FAINT::," "GASP," and "WANT." all the time...


>>paris. okay, so i'm far from a globe trotter, but i think i've been bitten by the travel bug (thanks, pinterest). and i am certain as ever that i want the eiffel and cobbled streets to be in my future. 

>>newborn photography. i know from recent experiance that babies = extremely hard to capture. but i am adoring all of the newborn photog ideas i am suddenly discovering all over. how cute is that ^ boots idea? 

::faint:: <3 <3 <3
>>amazing dresses. okay, with me, this is always a love, but i have discovered tons of utterly incredible fashion masterpieces this week, and I just had to share this ^ one. okay, ladies, gasp, please. THAT. SKIRT. EQUALS. LOVE. 

Violet canopy.
>>solitude. sometimes it's nice just be quiet. peaceful. stop the chattering--and even the thinking. favorite verse for this week? 

"Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." 
(Psalm 46:10)

>>wedding cakes. okay, i'm a little far from matrimony at this point, but one is never to young to admire wedding cakes, right? this ^ one is gorgeous. 

>>swings. i have always loved them. and always will. speaking of amazing dresses...pardon me while i gasp at the pinkness and fairytale-ish-ness and enchantment. 

Light, movement, beautiful.
>>sunlight. here in the northwest, you lean to treasure the sun. this past week has been a gorgeous indian summer, with skies of azure and weather mild. it's reminded me of how much i love the sunlight, and how much i miss warmth. 

>>plans. i've had some fun plans this week, ranging from dates with friends to movie nights and blog post inspirations. i love lists, so here's a sort of program for what is (hopefully) coming up this week at lucia, etc

-two giveaways (yes!)
-february photo challenge (calling all photogs!)
-creative Scarf Tying tutorial (better late than never, right?)
-a valentine photo shoot (mm-hmm..)
-DIY Apple Pie Pops (double yes.) 

So, there you have it. Some of my "Ich Liebe" 's for this week. What are your's?


-all images via pinterest-



    BTW, I'm Ashley of Wonderland....we follow each other on there.

    and paris...oh, don't get me started.

  2. Hey! Glad you're enjoying Pinterest so much :) Lovely photos!

    ~Miss Raquel

    PS: I'm planning on having a giveaway soon too!!

    Ooh!! And a Valentine's photoshoot?? Sweet!! Of who??

  3. ooooh, i can't wait! pinterest rules, btw.

  4. LOL baby in a boot ? awesome

  5. i love the swing photo. i was always [and will always be] a swing-loving girl, as well.
    i'm loving lower-case letters, too! who doesn't?! :D

  6. I love Pinterest as well!
    Looking forward to everything this week!

  7. I am loving books right now.
    I tried that maple creme snow recipie and LOVED it! It was really yummy. Tasted like homemade icecream!


  8. one word: LOVE
    I adore pintrest!(
    I have always dreamed of going to Paris, and Pintrest just made the wait harder. ;) there are so many delicious photos of Paris... I am so excited for what is coming up on your blog. Especially the photo challenge and scarf tying.. I love scarves, and just got a gorgeous new one but I need new ways to wear it.
    Oh, and I love the new design!

  9. Double yes to DIY Apple Pie Pops! I've been just getting better from being sick, so by the time you post them, I shall be quite ready to eat something super delicious.

  10. I love the one of the girl on the swing! And the baby in the boots. So cute!

    In Christ Jesus,


  11. Swings, solitude, dresses, and sunlight! :D I can't wait for the upcoming plans! :D

  12. Ok... now I need to look into getting a Pinterest account. ;)

    Great post! I can't wait to read the other things you have in store for this month. :D

  13. Love this post! And the photos, especially the swing one. It was gorgeous! Made me smile alot :)

  14. Hi, you have been given an award on my blog. Go to to view complete details.

  15. Oh, Pinterest. the wonders that can be found there... ♥

  16. moby dick = ugh. I cringe whenever anyone mentions whales, now.
    apple pie pops? sounds like heaven!

  17. Giveaways: Goody
    Photo Challenge: Yay
    Scarves: Definitely yes
    Photo shoot: Oooohhh would this be just a valentine photo shoot, or an engagement shoot??
    Apple Pie Pops: Sounds interesting.

    I love your posts and you're doing a great job, Lucia!

    *giveaway* at:

  18. I love pinterest to!!! I follow you there and here!! I ADORE your header!!!

  19. I don't know if you accept blog awards, or not but I've awarded you on my blog!

    If above link does not work, visit

  20. That is my wedding cake, right there! Oh yeah! ;)


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