Saturday, February 25, 2012

to inspire.

Inspiration is bliss. In-spuh-ray-shun. The very word, in its English form, makes me think of swirls and colors and sparkles and rainbow splatters of paint on the blank canvas of my mind. Or sun flares and glittering eyes dancing before a camera lens. Inspiration. It is to be embraced whole-heartedly, and not without courage.

I revel in the times when good ideas flow like water, and live in detestation of moments--or hours--or days--when my "blank canvas" remains insufferably blank. I want to inspire; to give to others what some have given me--the gift of a new thought.

It takes persistence to seek out hidden beauty, to perceive the world in color instead of black-and-white, to go beyond boundaries--to inspire and to be inspired.

I want to be the writer that can describe a grandmother's home like a magical realm; the photographer who can capture love in its original form; the artist who looks beyond the palette and into the soul of her subject; the speaker who knows both passion and artistry.

Inspiration is bliss. It can find us naturally, but most often we must seek it out--through books, through pictures, through an hour of deep thought--and determine what we will do with it.

What inspires you to inspire?

photo copyright 2012 lucia m. // please do not use without permission. 


  1. Beautiful, Lucia... just beautiful. :)

    In Christ Jesus,

  2. this post :) seriously, i draw inspiration from others and can't help but get inspired myself and hopefully inspire others in the process.
    dare me to say inspire again?! ;)

  3. motivated characters inspire me. Also, a little kid's book called Arthur, Master Sleuth makes me want to go have a detective agency. That count's as inspiration, right? :)

  4. Awesome pic! I tagged you on my blog! =)

  5. Inspiration = happiness :) At least when I'm writing. And when I can't write a story for lack of inspiration, I generally leave the computer/notebook and play with my brother and sister, or read, or play video games(often with the above-mentioned siblings)... all of which help my imagination start working again :).

  6. You have been tagged!! :) Please check it out over at


  7. Thank you for the inspiration, Miss Lucia! ;)

    May the LORD bless you today and always!!!
    Love to you, sister in Jesus,
    Martha Joy

  8. Music inspires me...and inspiring blog posts, like yours :D

  9. Lucia, your writing is so inspiring. (:


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