Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Regency Dress Beginnings...

I mentioned earlier that I and a few other young ladies are going to be attempting at making a regency dress in the near future! For those of you who don’t know what, exactly, a “regency” dress is, let me clarify: it is simply a dress fashioned after the styles of women from early 19th century England. They usually feature a long, draping, straight-ish skirt with an empire waist and slightly puffed sleeves.

Anyways. I have my pattern all picked out—see?

My pattern is the long-sleeved one on the right...isn't it pretty? :)

...Now, all that is left to be done is the choosing of the color, fabric, embellishments, and…ah, yes, the making of it. ;) How could I forget? This is my first *big* project, so I’m a little nervous…but, we have an excellent teacher in the lead, a Miss Nicole C. She is a very experienced seamstress, and has sewn several regency dresses, civil war dresses, etc, already! We are also hoping, in celebration of finishing the dresses, to attend a regency ball reenactment in the spring. That would be fun—if only I could learn to dance! I am afraid that all I know is the waltz and the polka. Hmm.

What do you think?

Light Pink

Blue Pin-Striped

Navy Blue


Yellow Pin-Striped



..And all the other colors in the rainbow! Several of these shades of colors are not exactly what I'd like, but..you get the picture. :)

I am SO excited...I'll be sure to keep ya'll updated, AND to show you the product-in-progress!



  1. How fun! I hope to one day sew a regency dress. But my dream is to sew a 1940's or 1950's dress. I love the classy style of those eras.

  2. Well, I like the blue pin stripe and the yellow pinstripe. However, the pin stripe will require more fabric to match it up, and it will be more diffcult. I have this pattern! I haven't finished the dress yet because the bodice is uneven (my fault, I cut it wrong!)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. Hi Lucia! What a beautiful dress! I think I like the light pink fabric best {you knew I was going to say that}.

  4. That sounds fun! I think I like either the teal or the burgundy best. :)


  5. If I'm able to make it on Wednesday, I might be able to show you a few dances ;) We'll see...

  6. My favorite is the Burgandy. I made that exact same dress a couple years ago! I love it. Only, I made it short sleeved. I had mine blue with little pink roses and then made a pink sash for it instead of the blue.

  7. Neat! I'm not sure what would be my favorite colors out of these...maybe the Light Pink & Burgundy! I like all of them, though! ;)
    Martha Joy

  8. We have the exact pattern and I LOVE it! After Christmas I have been wanting to make me one just like it! Tis beautiful!

  9. I like the Burgundy! My sister makes Regency dresses to sell and she had one made out of a pearl pink that was nice,but I think Burgundy would be nice!

  10. My favorite is also the burgundy. What a beautiful dress! Thats one of my favorite styles of clothing. :)
    God bless.
    ~ Heather Joy


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