Monday, December 6, 2010

A Few Christmas-Colored Crayons...

Is it really only nineteen days until Christmas? How the year has flown by. It’s time to get out my buried Christmas-colored crayons, Christmas stickers, gold glitter, white envelopes—time to reincarnate my own little personal Christmas card factory that always transforms my room into a Snowbird-themed mess this time of year. And my crayons are starting to need replacements. After all, I’ve been doing this how many years? :) 

...I remember when I was small, the excitement of this holiday was more than enough to last me through the rest of the year until the next, but nevertheless, Christmas has always held a special place in my heart. Why shouldn’t it? I am still a little kid who likes the presents (hehe...:), likes the fun, likes the spirit, loves celebrating Baby Jesus’ birth and reading the Nativity story on Christmas Eve no matter how many times I’ve had heard it.

It has all been wonderful. And still is. But, somehow...

..I'm growing up?

Now, don't get me wrong. Christmas hasn't lost its charm. The Nativity Story still makes me stop and think how wonderful our LORD and Maker is, and how loving He was to send a Sinner like me a precious little baby to grow up and die for me.


Suddenly my eyes are open to the World around me, and I see how much is going on. How many people are suffering and starving. Dying in the moment we recieve our last present on December 25th. 

Think about it.

.. Then, please join me in prayer--or donations--for the Christian global support ministry organization "Samaritan's Purse." ..


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  1. Same here! I used to think Christmas was EVERYTHING, now, it's another day. It'll be gone soon, but it's still special, don't get me wrong!


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