Friday, December 31, 2010

An Award, and A New Year...

..Well, I was *awarded* awhile back, but I just haven't gotten a chance to post about it until now! This cute little thing is from Raquel of God's Daughter, a personal friend of mine. :) Very sweet young lady! <3

There are some very simple rules for this tag/award:

Name five things you love about blogging, then tag five friends!

..Easy enough, don'tcha think? ;) So..

~~Five things I love about blogging~~

1. "Meeting" new friends, of course! <3

2. Getting the chance to be a blessing, and more often, BE blessed to/by fellow bloggers. :)

3. Getting a comment as soon as I post. ;)

4. Having a sort of on-line diary where I can tell the world my thoughts!

5. Sprucing up my blog, and quickly click "view blog" as soon as I change the littlest thing on it...:D

..And NOW, I award five lovely young ladies who have blessed me...

Miss BleahBrianne -- She always leaves such nice and thoughtful comments! And is also a faithful visitor..:) Thank you, Bleah!

Miss Grace -- A sweet young lady whom I hope to recieve a letter from very soon! ;)

Miss Irie -- She, as well, leaves lovely comments, and visits my blog often! <3

Miss Camille -- A sweet girl {and commenter ;) }, you can tell, from her lovely blog!

Miss Katie R. -- My *newest* pen-pal, and, of course, as lovely as they come! :)

..And ALL of you deserve this award, rest assured. 

Now. Can you BELIEVE that this is the last day of 2010???!! Goodness gracious...where has the time gone? No, I won't even ask...;)

Do you have any special "traditions" for New Year's?? Stay up till 12:00, perhaps...break open a bottle of Martinelli Apple Cider? Blow horns and throw confetti? Or simply go to bed? I'll tell you what we have planned--a Chinese dinner at a restaurant called the "August Moon.." we always go there, every year. Then, we are going to a "gym night" thing, where we will play games till 12:00...*yawn* :) 

In the case that I have no further contact with the computer until then...


..May the LORD bless you this year. <3 Thank you for giving me one successful year of blogging! 


Blessings for this New Year!


  1. Happy New Year's, Lucia!! And I'm asking myself the same question...where has the time gone? Haha! ;)


  2. Happy New Year, Lucia!!!


  3. Awww, is that ME? Your so very sweet, Lucia! And thanks for the tag.

    Lovely post here! I wish you a wonderful New Years! May it be even more wonderful than all the ones you have ever had.

    Btw, I'm looking forward to sending you that letter!! Do you think that you could email me your address?

    Have a wonderful New years!

    Much love,

  4. Thanks Lucia!!! :) You are soooo sweet!!! :)

  5. Lucia,
    You're new blog design looks great! I really love the new header its very pretty! The only thing I would change? The type style. It's a bit hard and bold and a bit...less feminine? No offense please! It looks great overall!
    God bless and happy New Year!! :) <3

  6. Have a very happy new year, Lucia!



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