Thursday, December 2, 2010

*Blog Spotlight!* Meet This New Lovely...

...I am back! I am well! Er..nearly. :) But praise the LORD, I am well on the road to full recovery, which is a welcome relief. :) And for a "come back post," I want to do something a little different...something that I've wanted to do for a little while, and yet I just haven't gotten around to doing: a "Blog Spotlight!"

...I've been thinking. There are *so* many new bloggers out there, getting started every day. As all of us rather well-seasoned ;) bloggers know, it takes aWHILE to get a little band of followers, commenters, encouragers, etc. So, I have decided to feature one (perhaps two, we shall see!:) godly blog every month which I have recently discovered, introduce you to the maker, and hopefully inspire some of you to go and visit for a few moments. I will be checking around "town" for suitable blogs to present to you as the days go by, and if you know someone new who you would love to see get the spotlight {or maybe you yourself? ;) }, let me know, and I will head on over there to scout around. =D

But. Without furthur adiu, here are some delightful new web-homes just opened on blogspot. Get those buttons clicking, ladies!!

By Mrs. T.

Ruby in the Rough
About the Blog:
This pretty new blog is the realm of Mrs. T, actually, a lovely personal acquaintence of mine! You have most likely visited her daughter Raquel's sweet blog, God's Daughter, and perhaps seen this new spot featured there as well. It is definitly worth checking out. In Mrs. T's own words, Ruby in the Rough {isn't it a sweet name?} is to be the story of "a mother's journey in striving to become a Proverbs 31 woman, by God's grace.." Check out the goings-on over there today, if you will! I have full faith that this will soon become a popular blog. =)
About the Author:
"...I am the wife to my wonderful husband for 21 years now; mother to 7 precious children, 2 boys & 5 girls. I love my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, with all my heart. He is the reason I am a homemaker...and the reason for everything else in my life. I hope my blog will let you get to know me a bit better."

I hope you don't mind me featuring you, Mrs. T! I look forward to how your delightful new blog progresses. :)

Miss Lucia

P.S. (I am only *two* followers away from the BIG 100!!! And, it has now been exactly ONE year since I began blogging. Does this call for a soon-to-begin giveaway? We shall see, we shall see...;)


  1. Yes! You should totally do a giveaway {I'm a!} I'm sure it would be awesome! I'm gonna go check out this blog now...:)

  2. Thank you for posting about Mama :) Yeah! A giveaway would be fun!

  3. Great idea!

    And as for the giveaway, that would be fantastic! Those are always great fun to do! Glad you are well! =)


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