Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter is Here!

..Well, the weather outside it frightful, but the snow is so delightful! As there's really no place to go...

~Let it snow, let it snow, LET IT SNOW!!~

...I am enjoying this little bit of whiteness that has decided to visit in time for Thanksgiving. Goodness, our area hasn’t had a white Thanksgiving for…who knows how long? I certainly wasn’t around. ;)

The fire is crackling merrily, as I’m sure it is in most of your homes which are blessed with a wood stove…it is just such a part of Winter, to me! A mug of warm Sugar Cookie Tea in my hand (SCRUMPTIOUS tea, ladies—do try it!), an ear warmer over my head, a scarf about my neck, and my school books in my lap. *Sigh* ..Not to mention the dozens of water troughs outside waiting to be unthawed…=)

Anyways. I am enjoying the snow, and though we only have about an inch…it is snow, nevertheless! Today some dear friends are coming over (LORD willing, with this weather!) to watch a movie with us. I am excited, as we haven’t seen the for some time! Also, another exciting thing coming up…another sweet friend is going to be guiding my sister, a few other young ladies, and I in making our own regency dresses! I am thrilled…we may even get to go to a ball, if all works out. Yay! Have any of you made an “old-fashioned” dress before? Tell me, what color was your’s? I am still in the hard decision of what color to make it…


  1. How delightful! I have always wanted to make a regency dress! :) If I made a regency dress, I would want it to be a soft gold {like one of the dresses Elizabeth wears in Pride and Prejudice}....I just think that is the prettiest color! :)



  2. You're such a doll, Lucia!! You're so cute in that picture!
    A regency dress?? Ooh! Where are you getting your pattern from? Yes, I have made my own...actually, Mama made it for me. :) I think you've seen pictures of it before...and if you haven't, check them out on FB!

  3. How thrilled you must be to have snow already! I have always wanted to live where it snowed, but I suppose maybe in my future! :)
    I look forward to seeing photographs of your oh, so lovely regency dress, dear!
    Many Blessings,

  4. Snow! How fun. :) We rarley even get snow here in the winter. :( I've made one before. Mine was blue with pink flowers. I love it, yet don't have many places to where it. I've always thought it would be fun to go to a ball...


  5. Cute picture! Thanks for this sweet post! Wow, that much snow! We had a little bit of snow on Nov. 5th! I think that's a record for AL! ;)
    I'm not sure that I have made an 'old-fashioned' dress, but my Mommy and sister have, and I've helped. Neat! Please post pictures of yours, whenever you get it done! ;)
    Love you, Lucia!
    Martha Joy

  6. Oo lovely! I love snow :) You are very pretty Lucia! A regency dress? Ooh! You must post pictures once you are done! I've never made one before.. It would be lots of fun going to a ball!

    God bless you Lucia!

  7. Fun post, Lu! :) We've had quite a storm up here- we have really high drifts, and it's -12 F right now!!! It's not all that fun going to the animals in that! :) I always enjoy a good winter storm, though. :)
    That's fun that you're making a regency dress- can't wait to see it!! We got to dress up in Civil War style dresses with some friends on Sunday, which was pretty much a first for me- it was really fun!!
    Anyway, wonderful post, dear! Love you lots!!

  8. It's too bad it doesn't snow in Egypt. :( But we get to go to the beach! :D

    A ball? Post pictures! ;)


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