Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is There a Path to Yesterday?

People tell me life is like a road.
A long,
Beautiful road
With little paths beside it,
Each leading who knows where--
Perhaps to Marriage,
Perhaps to Fortune,
Perhaps to Disaster.

Is there a path to Yesterday?

A little hidden lane, perhaps,
That none can find but we who are in need--
A hasty word,
A hurried choice,
A sharp regret that needs to be set right.

Is there a path to Yesterday?

Sheer nonsense, so I'm told,
Perhaps it is--I wouldn't know.
The worse for me and all of my laments:
Unaccomplished dreams,
Lost tempers never found.

Still, it's a pleasant thought
That I could undo every slip--
I cannot blame my muddy road for all.

Is there a path to Yesterday?

*Poem and photo copyright 2010 L.M. Morud. If you copy, you will be in trouble! I have ways...;) So, thank you for heeding this advice.*

~~Note on poem: there doesn't need to be a "Path to Yesterday!" Though we may regret many things and need to ask forgiveness of others sometimes, Jesus has forgiven us of all our past wrongs and thrown them away, if we ask Him. Hurray!~~ 

Miss Lucia


  1. Great poem! :)You wrote it? Wow!

  2. That is a very beautiful poem!! :)

  3. Lucia, I'm doing a modest photo contest over at my blog and I'd like to invite to you enter if you want! :)



    {Yes, I am aware of the fact that this is my second comment made on this}

  4. Lucia, what a beautiful poem and a great reminder of God's incredible forgiveness! :)


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