Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Silly Little Informative Post...

~Oh, Readers! Oh, Dear Friends!~

...Things have been quite busy lately. And by busy, I mean b.u.s.y. =D But, first things first, My Dear, Loyal Readers...and one exciting thing I have to announce is:

I am only ten followers away from the big ONE-OH-OH!! In other words: 100!!

...I cannot believe so many lovely readers care about my blog so much...*sniff* You are truly the best followers a girl could have. *Showers of thanks and chocolates* ;) If I reach one hundred soon, who knows? *sly smile* I may indeed end up have an...*ahem*...g-i-v-e-a-w-a-y...

Pretty fun, huh?

So. Back to business. =) I would really apprectiate your prayers this coming weekend. Our Cross Country Running Varsity team won the Districts meet, which mean we (both boys' team and girls') will be traveling to State Championships tomorrow. The meet is on Saturday, so be praying hard for our teams, that we will all do our very, very, very best! It's not all about winning, I know, but it would be..nice to get a trophy. =) Thank you so much, friends! Also, for our saftey on the three hour ride up...roads can be dangerous. =I

Other than that, nothing much has been happening {besides school, of course}. Oh! *slaps head* How could I forget?? Two very exciting giveaways are going on as I speak....gracious me! Take a look:

Go look over her lovely blog and, while you're at it, see what she's offering in honor of this occasion! How wonderful~CONGRATULATIONS, Jen!

..And, my friends, I am pleased to say that *I* was honored to be asked to sponser it. Homemade Fall cards--perhaps at your fingertips! ;)

...That is all. Good night.


~Kidding! =D May the LORD bless you, Dear Friends, and may you have the best week-end ever! Love and hugs to you all. <3


  1. Oh my, we have the EXACT same number of followers!! I can't wait for the big 100... ;) ;)

  2. Hello, dear!
    I will pray for you that things go well, and for a safe trip for you!
    Love you, dear!!
    ~Amanda <3

  3. Hello, dear!
    I will pray for you that things go well, and for a safe trip for you!
    Love you, dear!!
    ~Amanda <3

  4. Lu!! Guess what??

    One of your photos was selected as a runner-up in my photography contest! :-D

    ~Laurie who really needs to reply to your letter and will try to soon.

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