Friday, May 7, 2010

A Trip, and Mother's Day!


On Monday, May the 10th, I shall be leaving for Minnesota, along with my grandma and youngest sister, Anne. We are going to visit my grandma's brother--my Uncle Arnold--for five days! Also, his wife (Aunt Gloria), and my two cousins, Hannah and Sara--I have never met Hannah before!  =) I am very excited; this is only the second time I've been on a plane. So, please keep us in your prayers for saftey and a good time without illness or mishap, and note that I will not be on my blog/responding to e-mails until sometime in the next two weeks. I hope to have many photos for you upon my return--we are planning to visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder homestead there, which should be interesting. :) recognition of Mother's Day, since I probably won't be posting Sunday:


~"The Goodnight Kiss" by Norman R.~
       ~"Mother and Daughter Singing" by Norman R.~

~"Mother and Child" by Mary Cassat~

~"Mother and Daughter" by George Goodwin Kilburne~

I love my mother, do you?

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the dear Mamas in the world, with the LORD's blessings.

In Christ,
~Miss Lucia~*


  1. Oh Luci! How EXCITING!!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL trip! I will be praying for you!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL time! You will NEED to send us pictures of the Laura Ingalls Homestead! How exciting!! :)

    Love you lots,

  2. One of your photos that you entered in my photo contest was featured as an Honorable Mention!

    Come over and check it out!


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