Monday, May 24, 2010

50th Post, and Photos Galore!

Well, Dear Readers, I am pleased to announce that this is my...

I have been blogging for about four months, now, and oh! Where it has taken me, how many new friends I have made, and how many blogs I have gone through! But this is INDEED my lasting blog, I assure you. No more changes (except for a few to the template, occasionally...)--I promise. =) Thank you to all my sweet, supportive followers. I have so enjoyed getting to know some of you quite well, and seeing your comments and visiting your lovely blogs. I am excited to continue blogging, and to meet more like you!

...In honor of this "occasion", :) I will treat you to *many* well-needed photos of my late trip to Minnesota. I will first give you a brief 'schedule' of our time there, so that you know from whence the pictures come. =) Incase you need a little reminder, nearly two weeks ago, my little sister Anne and I left with our grandma to visit her brother in Minnesota for a week. She hadn't been to see him for at least 20 years (well, he had come out here every year, but she hadn't visited him), so this was nice! Here is a little "journal" of the main events/journies we took. =) 

Day one: We arrive at the Minneapolis, MN airport at 4:00 eastern time, after a three hour plane ride.

~Anne on the plane~

...After being picked up by my Uncle Arnold and Aunt Gloria (after a few difficulties concerning not knowing the whereabouts of our luggage and such), we took the shortdrive to their house and began to get settled in for our week-long stay. 

~Our pretty room downstairs~

Day Two: ...Was a sort of 'laid-back' day. We cooked, wrote, read, played a few games, and simply took it easy like on a rainy day (which it was). A little girl named Lauren came over from next door who wanted to meet Anne, to play. =) 

Day Three: We went to the "Minnesota Museum of Science," which was quite interesting! It was set right along the Mississippi River, so that was eat to see (I've always wanted to see where Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn lived, ya know? ;)!

~The Mississippi~


...We ate lunch there, after visiting most of the exhibits. The sad thing about science museums is how they believe in evolution, "millions of years ago..." and all that nonsense. =( It's so sad to see the 'blind' people working there, telling you all about these "super old" fossils, when God's Hand is so visible in all of it! Anyways, that was a fun experience. 

~At the Museum~

Day Four: We visit the "Mall of America!" Yes, it *is* one of the largest malls in the nation. =) Or it may be the largest...I'm not sure. But anyways, we arrived there, and set off! The whole first floor is an amusement park--Aunt Gloria delighted and surprised us by generously giving Anne and I tickets to some of the rides! wasn't that nice? =) Let's see...I went on one roller coaster that went STRAIGHT up and STRAIGHT down--no kidding! =O It was fun, but definitly got my adrenelin going, hehe! =D 

~Some of the Park~

...Anne had a blast in the "American Girl Doll" store--she brought her Kirsten and Samantha doll along with her, and got a mini one while she was there from Aunt Gloria! =) Boy, was she *excited!!* =)

~All of the collection~

~More of the Store~

~The Lego store we visited in honor of my brother :)~

Day Five: We go to the play "Fiddler on the Roof" at local Anoka Hi-School. It was very good---very "pro!" But I couldn't get any pictures except for this one (which was before the, I *wasn't* being 'illegal!' ;), as they were forbidden. =( We also watched this movie later on in the week, just to 'revive' our memories of the true tale! A very cute movie, if you like musicals (okay, I'm not a HUGE fan of them, but...)! This was the second play I'd seen of "Fiddler on the Roof."  

~Before the play! A Little Dark...~

Day Six: We go to "Scandia," a little replica of the Swedish Immigrant village that was settled here in the 1800s to early 1900s. It was too cute--the houses, church, barns, etc. were actually *not* replicas, but just 'touched-up' originals! We got a tour:

~The inside of the church~

Day Seven: We take a trip to MN's capitol city, St. Paul, and visit the capital building. We also visited St. Paul's Cathedral--a *huge* Catholic church. It was very big, and elaborate! And quiet, too. =) Something that struck me about those two buildings was how elaborate they were! Think of the time (and money) involved!

~The Capital!~

~Not St. Paul's, but another cathedral in Minneapolis--I don't know what one!~

Day Eight: We board the plane bound for home sweet home! After a not-so-long flight, we arrived and were settled back in to daily routine quickly, after a week of being spoiled and entertained. =) Thank the LORD for that chance to visit, make memories, and have fun! We will not be forgetting it soon.

Blessings to you, and may His Face shine upon you wherever His will takes you. Happy travels in His Hand!

In Christ,
~Miss Lucia~

P.S. (In honor of my 50th post, stay tuned for a small giveaway!!!)


  1. I love all your photos! It looks like you all had a good time!


  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! It looks like you had SO much fun! I haven't gotten to read the whole post, but I will SOON!!! :) I love you dear! And I will reply to your letter ASAP!!! We've been so busy though, but I will try really hard! :)
    Love you!

  3. How fun!!! It loks like you all had a wonderful time. :)
    In a few days I am going to MN too! I'll be there for three weeks and will be visiting some of the same places you did! So, it was neat to see pictures of the places before I get there. :)

    By the way, I just found your blog! Very nice! Keep up the great work!


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