Friday, May 7, 2010

Front Porch Fridays: Trusting God With Your Future

Prayer for My Future Husband
By Ruth Bell Graham, written at age 13

Dear God, I prayed, all unafraid
(As we’re inclined to do),
I do not need a handsome man
But let him be like You;

I do not need one big and strong
Nor yet so very tall,
Nor need he be some genius,
Or wealthy, Lord, at all;

But let his head be high, dear God,
And let his eye be clear,
His shoulders straight, whate’er his state,
Whate’er his earthly sphere;

And let his face have character,
A ruggedness of soul,
And let his whole life show, dear God,
A singleness of goal;

Then when he comes (as he will come)
With quiet eyes aglow,
I’ll understand that he’s the man
I prayed for long ago.

Front Porch Fridays are designed for the encouragment and support of the young lady blogger, striving to bring her closer to the Creator in each post.  


  1. That was excellent! Do you mind if I keep it as well? I might want to post it on my blog sometime. :)

  2. Hello Kelsey!

    Yes, isn't it sweet? =) Of course you may use it! Go ahead! Thanks for commenting, dear!



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