Sunday, March 13, 2016

Soul Breathing

Sometimes, your soul needs to breathe. Mine did, and has. And so I have returned. //

It's been nearly two years since I have been in this place, and typing once more on a familiar blank sheet is nostalgic. My soul has indeed done a lot of breathing. I am different. I have changed. I have grown. I have lived; I have adventured. I have photographed, traveled, learned, written, cried, laughed, had my heart bruised and beautified. I am twenty years young now; thirteen, the age at which I began this little blog of mine, seems like a galaxy away.

But here I am, returning. I missed this outlet; this space in which to share my thoughts + musings.  I intend to return wholeheartedly--sporadically, perhaps, but thoughtfully. I want to write again, merely to myself, if need be.

Be blessed.

xo // lucia


  1. Aw, hey. I'm twenty in two days, thirteen like you when I began to blog. I still write occasionally, and I just wanted to say hi because I must have read your blog back in the day, cos it came up just now in the blogger dashboard. You explained it all just perfectly, all the last few years. Thankyou.

  2. Hey! Boy, have I missed your posts. They were always a delight to see in my blogger feed! Good to know you're back - welcome again to the blogging world!!! ♥

  3. Glad to have you back to blogging :-)

    -Grace (from HSB)

  4. You're back! Missed your blog and blogs in general. Anna Gray and I were looking back on all the blogs we used to read and yours was one of the ones we loved! Love you girl, looking forward to reading your words and seeing your photos again.

    I just visited to get some photo inspiration for some stuff I'm working on and noticed something was different? I always feel a little weird poking around a blog that isn't used anymore, but this oh this gives me life.
    Things change. So much, so fast. but it's so so so very good that you're back.
    And I mean that :))))

  6. I missed you Lucia!!!
    Ah I missed your words, your inspiring photographs, and the atmosphere your blog gives. Thank you ♥


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