Monday, March 21, 2016

small thing //

small thing:
you breathe; you sigh; you love
relentlessly, simply, unconditionally--
mewing and grasping
for her.
your hold is slight and firm.
you trust her.

small thing,
you trust it: life,
that is,
the thing which pulled you from
the safe,
the cozy,
the impenetrable warmth,
and out into
the big,
the dark,
the impenetrable chill.
yet you were born to live,
and live you shall.

small thing:
someday, this world will
hold more than she,
and you will learn to loose your grasp.
but not soon.
and she is thankful.

I am now a part-time professional photographer in the Portland, Oregon area. I attribute my growth in imagery completely to this blog, and I am thankful for the many words of encouragement and support which came to me for so many years as I began my photography endeavors. These images are from a recent newborn shoot. Photographing families + babies always leaves me with a sense of awe and delight. 

xx lucia 


  1. i am so, so thrilled that you're blogging again, lucia. <3 i have missed your beautiful, serene photos & honest words. and this... honestly, gahhh. this is magical. newborn shoots have always been some of my favorites to look at, and you captured this moment so beautifully.

    xoxo, m

  2. Just precious, dear Lucia... Beautiful pictures!
    We have a new darling babe joining our family soon and ah! How I look forward to capturing his newborn adorable-ness! {{smiles}}
    Lovely to have you blogging again...


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