Sunday, July 29, 2012

into the blue

It has been nearly two weeks since I hit "create a post" or even logged on to my blogger dashboard. It was an unannounced break, but a truly refreshing and much-needed one. Not saying I don't love you guys. I do. It's just that sometimes, I need to take a step back and breathe--retain some of the private moments in this pretty life I live. 

It's a good feeling, but it's also a good feeling to return.  To gather my photos in a virtual pile and type away on a clean screen, and remember things and smile. 

"The meanwhile" of these past two weeks has been stuffed full like my mouth when I eat s'mores. There was our county fair last weekend, filled with friends and blue ribbons and dancing in the dirt and country music + bucking horses at the rodeo. I made milkshakes for four hours at the "Got Milk? Dairy Women of Oregon" booth, and earned myself a raspberry one--the tastiest thing on the planet right there, folks. I also embarrassed my self by being in the direct line of fire when one of the machines stopped working in the middle of a shake. Let's just say I resembled an ice cream cone. .

...Oh, and I also called the booth "got women?" by mistake. Oops. That's my only comment on that one. 

This past weekend has been spent at the Oregon coast with my mom's side of the family (the prettiest place on earth, I promise. Come visit me and we'll cruise on down). Blue skies, sparkling surf, sandy toes, breathtaking hikes and bonfires as the sun melted into the sea all made their way into my heart. I got some more freckles, stalked a hippie van, wore a tie-dye shirt, and scared seagulls. 

And when I got home, I freaked out because I'm possibly shooting a wedding next week. By myself. 

...Yes, that was my news. Actually, no it wasn't--my news was really that I am shooting a wedding in September. But now I'm shooting two, if everything is set. Am I nervous? Ahem. But more than that, I am beyond thrilled and excited to have this opportunity--because I never dreamed it could become reality so soon. Send some prayers my way on the 11th. 

Now, I leave you for one week to go on a belated troupe to Idaho with a tent and my family. There will be guest posters, so watch for them. And give them some love?  

Into the blue I go! 


ps- i found a pretty car 


  1. I love this post! Amazing photos. Have a great trip!!

  2. Hahaha that is so funny lucia! i worked in the dairy booth too, and fortunately i never had to resemble what i was making!
    Those are amazing photos as they always are!

  3. Totally agree with you. The Oregon Coast is the most beautiful, wonderful place on earth. I hope my family goes there on vacation next year... :) It's been two years since we last went, and that was the best week of my life! The fog, the rain, the water, the sand, the beautiful sunsets, the sun (when it managed to break through), the ice cream... :) I could easily live there. In fact, I am re-painting/re-decorating my room with an ocean theme. Did I mention that I LOVE the Oregon coast??
    And it's good to read your blog again! Glad you had a nice break.

  4. oh gorgeous.. gorgeous... gorgeous!

  5. Lucia - everything is so beautiful, and it sounds like the time you have 'been away' was equally, if not more, so beautiful!

    It must be so exciting to have not only 1, but 2 photo shoots coming up....and weddings at that!!! You can count on my prayers for ya - I'll be in a van all day coming home from camp, but I'll do my best to remember. =)

    I only recently found your blog. And through your photo challenge I found a few other blogs. I just wanna take a second to encourage you - maybe you don't need it now, but hopefully someday it will prove a blessing to you ♥

    Lucia, God is using you in great and mighty ways. You might take photos and write blog posts for pleasure, fun, or occasionally only out of duty to your loyal followers, but I want you to know that you are a blessing. AN encouragement. A breath of fresh air. An inspiration. A part of God's amazing plan. And you are doing it in a way that is sure to change lives for Him.

    Personally, I have had a rough week. I'm heading into another one. And then camp. I'm struggling to have joyful Bible verses sink in further than my head. And just as I was winding down for the night and dreading tomorrow morning, I saw that you posted on your blog. The beauty, the simple words, your excitement and nervousness....all of it, everything, just lifted my spirits. Thank you!

    Looking forward to getting to know you better in the posts to come (and checking out your awesome guest bloggers),

    1. Paige, this comment was just way to sweet. You have no idea how much YOU made me smile. :) I am so glad my little bouncy post cheered you up a bit; thank you for taking the time to comment and tell me so. It is for friends like you that I share my life!

      Many hugs! Chin up!

  6. Lucia I've missed you!! Glad you had a lovely break and are going to have another one soon. I'll miss your posts, but I know it's really important to step away sometimes.

    Your pictures are GORGEOUS! I LOVE them. ;) And you're going to be shooting dos weddings!! O_o wow. I am sooo excited for you. Just breathe. You'll do great! I'm gonna mark the 11th down on my calendar to pray for you.

    Have fun in Idaho! Can't wait to see your pics when you get back and I can't wait even more to see your stellar wedding photos. :)



  7. Uhm, I'm pretty sure every single one of those pictures were a piece of heaven. I can't even begin to describe the beauty! You'll do great at the weddings! :)

  8. Oh my gosh- I'm so happy for you to be shooting a wedding, Lucia! Dazzle 'em, honey, dazzle 'em.


    p.s. glad your back

  9. every part of this post is just deliciousness. those pictures are gorgeous. and that picture of you is so adorable. you are beautiful, girl!
    eeek! so excited for you! 2 weddings? my gosh. can't wait to see the pictures! btw, I want that pretty little car.

  10. I love the photos, and I'm happy you had a nice, satisfying break! You're going to be a fabulous wedding photographer.

  11. welcome back! oh my, two weddings? your gonna be amazing. :)


  12. pretty! love the one of your name in the sand :)

  13. Be prepared weddings are extremely fast paced and stressful but also completely amazing (in my opinion! ;) I'm so jealous of that hippie van, seriously that is my future car :D

  14. you get to shoot a wedding?! amazing, Lucia! so excited for you. stun their socks off. =) these pictures are perfection-- you always capture life in the most beautiful ways.


  15. Your blog has become a favorite of mine. You are truly talented. Your photography is truly inspiring and refreshing. I can't wait to see what you capture with two weddings!

    Praying that all goes well.

  16. your photos are so gorgeous! and whoa, it's so awesome that you're shooting two weddings! can't wait to see the pictures. (:

  17. Glad you are refreshed after your break...:) now, thanks to you, I am dying for a milkshake...bye, bye diet! :) oo! And shooting a wedding :) lucky you! congrats!

  18. Thanks for making me laugh today Lucia! I love the photos and your stories!
    Have a blessed week.

  19. Hi,
    I L.O.V.E your blog! It has become a favorite!
    And I know you will do great at your wedding photo shoots!!


  20. Have fun! :) and that's so amazing that you'll be getting to photography some weddings here soon! :) I hope you have fun! :) and I know you'll do wonderfully! :)

  21. Shooting a wedding, Congragulations!!! I prayed for you! Looking at your photography skills I know you'll do an excellent job.

  22. I love the photos. It makes me think back to when i lived on Puget Sound. :)

  23. oh wow. that's all i gotta say. I love that first photo, and the one with your name and the feather is beautiful. wow.

  24. The picture with the sand is so cool!


  25. LUCI!!!!!! Wow! I'm SO excited! I so wish I could shoot a wedding. It would be SO wonderful! I bet you are REALLY excited! Hey! Could you email me about this wedding that you are shooting in September? Congratulations! I know you'll do WONDERFULLY!

    I LOVE all the pictures you took. Great job!

    1. EM! Thankyouthankyou! I miss you! And this week we were like a 1/2 hour from your house! o.O Yes, I am! I got your e-mail and will respond asap. :) love you! tell the girls hey!

  26. Hi Lucia!!! I absolutely love your pictures! :)
    What did you use to edit them?


    1. Thank you, Lainie! I use to edit! :)

  27. You have the coolest eyebrows, Lucia ^.^

  28. absolutely gorgeous. I have no clue why I don't keep myself updated on your blog. I AM GOING TO NOW!!! It's lovely lovely lovely, YOU are lovely, your photography is lovely.



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