Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Crossroad of Time (Guest Post by Lynnae)

Hello, y'all. This is Lynnae from over at Randomnessbylynnae.blogspot.com All my friends just call me Nae-Nae, though! Anyway, I thought for today, I'd just tell you a wee bit about the blog that my sisters and I have started over at crossroadoftime.com. It is a research blog focused mainly on the Regency and Victorian Eras. Our interest in the History of these time periods goes way back to when we first started watching the BBC Classics 'n Dramas. While watching them over and over again, we began to want to know more in-depth about the customs and traditions of those time periods.

Hence, we decided to research these subjects for ourselves and post about our "discoveries" on a blog we entitled "The Crossroad of Time". Over there, we cover all sorts of amazing subjects, such as the relevance of the walking stick, the ridiculous fellows called "macaronis", what a "day in the life of" a butler or a prisoner was like, and we also explore some of the "lost arts" of those eras...such as "throwing a Victorian dinner party" or writing a "period-correct" letter. Right now we're doing a series on "How to Play Victorian Parlor Games", which are absolutely amazing games to play with a large group. Some of the subjects are most amusing, others are quite sobering...Perhaps you have heard of the beer flood that swept over London City in the year 1814. "A vat containing approximately 3,550 barrels worth of beer, weighing nearly 571 tons, burst. Being surrounded by several other vats, the explosion caused a chain reaction, bursting every vat within its vicinity. The torrent of beer cascaded out and completely flooded the surrounding streets & alleys, leaving utter chaos and calamity in its wake." 
Or maybe your interests lie more with the inventions of that time period. Ah, yes, even such mundane subjects as "inventions", are brought to life by humorous and informative articles. (Speaking of the "Vigor's Horse-Action Saddle"...) “A perfect substitute for the live horse, but acts so beneficially upon the system as to be almost priceless value. It promotes good spirits, quickens the circulation, stimulates the liver, reduces corpulence, creates appetite, cures indigestion and gout.” (Dr. George Fleming C.C. President of the Royal College Veterinary Surgeons)
Perhaps you have heard mention of the black hole of Calcutta from Jane Austen's, "Sense and Sensibility"? Even such a black subject as this is touched upon. “My friends, I am here to tell you of the horrors which I experienced on that terrifying night of June 17th, 1756. I can never forget the stench of the rotting bodies or the helpless screams of those suffocating in that crowded hole. If I did not tell you this story, then perhaps, over time, it would become one of history’s forgotten atrocities. But I must write this, so that these truths cannot be denied. I must speak for those that will never speak again."

Of course, we are hoping that down the road, as our blog receives more popularity, we can make it more of an interactive site. We would like to eventually incorporate guest posts, dance tutorials and the like...expanding it into more of a community research site.We'd love it if you'd stroll on over and stay a spell. Tell us what you think...we are very open to feedback...be it complimentary, suggestive, or derogatory. (As long as it is instructive ; )  Or perhaps you have some interests or questions in certain areas we have not covered, yet, just let us know and we'd be more than happy to do so.

Well, I must be getting along now... it was lovely getting to make your acquaintance; I hope this shall not be our last encounter. So, come, my dears... Let us say not farewell, but as the French would have it ...
Au revoir!


  1. Love the thoughts of this new blog! I subscribed! ;)

  2. That is such an awesome idea. I will have to check out your blog.

  3. I've been following from the start. Many quite interesting articles! :)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful idea! I'll have to stop by.
    I'd be honored if you'd take a moment to visit my blog as well. Here's the link: www.projectpaperie.blogspot.com
    Adios amiga!

  5. Thanks so much for this post, Nae-Nae! I loved hearing about your blog; it's simply fantastic. :)


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