Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Oh, the deep, deep love of Jesus
Vast, unmeasured, boundless, free;
Rolling as a mighty ocean
In its fullness, 
Over me. 


Seeing the ocean always reminds me of the timeless hymn by Samuel Trevor Francis. It is one of my all-time favorites--the haunting melody; the soulful words. Somehow, I think that if I were on a ship sinking, that hymn would be the last thing playing in my mind--filling me with peace. To think of Jesus' love surrounding me, as powerful and more powerful than the ocean, is an awesome thing. 


On Sunday, our family traveled down to the Oregon Coast to celebrate Mother's Day (my mom loves the beach, and I do, too. Most of the time). It started out just windy + misty, but it turned extremely wet and a bit miserable.

 Nevertheless, there was a wild beauty about the stormy beach (though I can't say the same about my wet and tangly hair). The tarnished clouds moving restlessly across the sky and the choppy waves with their shades of blue-grey looked so moody and free. I managed to snap a few photos before the air became too wet (and then I sprinted for the car, because naturally I didn't bring my camera bag), but the salt air and the billowing misty wind remain uncaptured.

I used to be afraid of the ocean, and I still am, a little bit--especially on days such as this one. I remember, a long time ago--when I was five or six--running in my little girl excitement down the beach beside the lapping surf. Suddenly, I found myself on my back in the midst of the inch-high tide, flailing my arms. I wasn't in danger or anything, but I was petrified. It is one of my most terrifying memories--lying there, helpless, sure that waves were going to cover me and drag me out to sea at any instant.

Then, daddy scooped me up. And I was safe. But that memory has stayed with me to this day. And I shiver a little when I see a stormy ocean. 


But summer is coming, when the sea turns blue, the sand warms your toes, and the cotton-flecked sky banishes all storms from the horizon. Yes, I'm all too ready for that, aren't you?

Does your family travel to the beach?

With love,
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  1. gorgeous photos. I wish I lived near the ocean! someday I'm gonna come with you, you know. ;)

  2. I love the ocean, but also am a bit awed by it:)
    I also love that song; old hymns are just the best:)

  3. so lovely. my family and I stayed the weekend in a cottage by the sea, and it too was misty, dark, and windy. there are always two sides; rough waters and dark skies, and calm waters and bright skies. your pictures took me back to that weekend we stayed at the beach because that is exactly how it looked there. again, beautiful!

  4. My family does visit the beach often, we all love it so much.
    Your photographs have me spellbound...seriously.
    And that hymn is so reassuring, beautiful and fitting for a stormy, beach day, LOVE! <3

  5. This is so lovely! Seriously, these photos gave me chills. I love the beach. I wish I could live by one. But maybe someday... :)

  6. These are REALLY really really beautiful. Gah, those first three. xo

  7. I haven't been to an ocean beach in a few years but I'm longing to go back, espcially after seeing your photos. stunnnning

  8. When I was really young, I also had an experience with the ocean that continues to "haunt" me...I stepped on a turtle as I was going deeper into the ocean (quite silly, I know, but I was terrified!) and my dad also scooped me up. I went to the ocean a few days ago, and I couldn't help but think about it! I love the sea, I am just not so fond of the creatures living in it! ;-)

  9. I love that song <3 sang it for a competition once. It's just so beautiful. So are these photos!

  10. Looks like fun! I'm about to go to the beach, and I'm super excited :)

  11. Oh you're cute. haha Nice photos, Lucia! I went to Pacific City two weekends ago with friends, before heading down to Grants Pass. Oh I've missed the beach...and can't wait to go again next month! I'm getting a big group of friends together to go for a day:)

  12. Replies
    1. Thank you, Cosette! Miss you guys; we neeeed to get together this summer! It's Cannon Beach! :)

  13. My family and I love the beach. In fact, my mom rented a beach house for my 19th birthday last month. It was fantastic. I never leave the beach feeling disappointed.
    ~You look beautiful, Lucia.

  14. I love all the pictures, Luci-- especially the one of you; lovely!

    We have been to the beach a few times, but haven't gone for a long time. I love the ocean! :)

    <3 you! ~ Amanda

  15. Hello, I'm Madison's sister and I just love your blog! Your pictures are gorgeous and you are gorgeous. Keep up the great work!


  16. I also love taking pictures, but I am far from professional.
    I really want to go to the beach and take some photos. it is so beautiful!

  17. The beautiful seashore is one of my favorite places to be... the salty breeze in my hair, the sun shinning on my back, the beating of the waves upon the shore... such a beautiful gift that the Creator has given to us. Lovely photos...♥


  18. ah, your photos are so beautiful. Ah, the first one, the third, the fifth, and the seventh, are my favorites.
    Let's skype sometime this summer, yes?
    And ah, I love the beach. I hope I get to go this summer...and take some pictures. t'would be so much fun!



  19. beaautiiuffful pics! i love the sea ones the best. :)

  20. Now you have the sea calling me. I almost cannot handle the breathtaking nostalgia brought about by this post.

  21. Hi Lucia! I hope you don't mind; I used one of your pics from this post for my own post: http://heavenly-aspirations.blogspot.com/2014/05/thoughts-come-naturally-at-sea.html I did credit you. :) Thank you so much for your beautiful work!


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