Sunday, May 5, 2013

bread and jam

The days are warm at last; the air is mown clean and filtered with sunlight, and I have freckles on my nose. I have raspberry jam on my English Muffins in the bright clear mornings, my afternoons are hemmed with birds singing their little souls to heaven, but I am missing it all (except for the jam + bread. Starving simply wouldn't do.) for...

studying. Yep. I have taken a (yet another unexplained and abrupt) blogging break to study for an upcoming lit. and comp. AP test this Thursday (prayers would be welcomed + loved if you think of me, sweltering in the early morning hours amidst syntax and onomatopoeia and Keats' epics). It promises to be a wonderful day, Thursday does (not). 

But. I have not forgone living (or remembering you all, my friends) altogether, and I have been slowly lapsing back into snail-mailing a few lovely people. It has become a rather lost art for me over the past year or two, and I have missed scribbling 'sweet nothings' to my pen-friends. I am not at all sure I will be able to keep it up, but technology has taken too much of a hold on me. Friends deserve a little time, if they are to be kept at all, I've learned. 

In the meantime, summer's skirts are peaking through the door, while spring's coat is slipping from her shoulders; the days ahead are calling me. All too soon (though I am almost ready to make that, "none too soon"), my senior year will be at an end. It isn't frightening to me; I know God will align my days with the care and gentle patience He always has. 

Are there any other 2013 graduates among us?

With Love,


  1. you're pretty cool, ya know that? you'll do great with those exams...just remember, you're so close! I finished up mine last week & yup, I'm graduating too. congrats to you and doesn't it seem rather odd? growing up and all that stuff.
    anyway, I enjoyed this post. I found it very clever. hehe. love you dear.

  2. I'm graduating too:) I'm home schooled so there won't be a big thing-a-ma-jig, but I still think it'll be cool 'cause all of my family will be there:)
    This growing up is very, very slow, yet all too fast. I seems as though my childhood was just yesterday. I've been looking through a lot of my old photos and videos, and my sister and I just wonder at how the time seemed to drag, but took soo long!
    My musings of late:P

  3. things are changing. I mean it seems like all at once everyone is just undergoing lots of it. and I guess it's good, ya know. it's just different.

    anyway, beautiful pics as always, and hm I think I know who one of those letters is for. ;)

  4. Two more years for me.. you go girl!

  5. ohh congrats on graduating! fun stuff:)
    praying for you as you finish up your senior year with the exams 'n such!
    oh, and beautiful photos like always:)

  6. beautiful, Lucia, as usual. :) we have that same jam/butter knife in our drawer, and i have the same calligraphy pen in the last picture. ;) your pictures are stunning. isn't Spring just wonderful? grass, and rain, and flowers pushing their way through the brown dirt. ah.

    2014 is the year i graduate... it's hard to believe that it's that time already. :)

    praying for you on your test! ;) i'm sure you'll do fabulous.


  7. These three pictures are so simple and lovely. Wow.
    The last one is amazing.
    You photography is so inspiring, really. Wow.

  8. I have no doubt that you will do fabulous on your test. You can do ALL things through Him who gives you strength! I will keep you in my prayers!

    Ah, such lovely pictures and beautiful words. I love your posts and have missed them. :))

    Oh, and I'm graduating this year too. :) would you mind keeping me in your prayers as well as I tackle my studies in order to finish my requirements before I can graduate?

    Love you!


  9. I'm graduating this year! I'm sooo almost done! Just two chapters left in Chemistry. ;)

  10. didn't know you were graduating! congrats... and yes so ready for summer. :)

  11. You'll do absolutely fine on graduating Lucia, I have complete confidence in you :)
    YUM, bread and jam is so good for the soul, I loved this post a lot.
    You're so lovely.

  12. Graduating junior high, not high school. So done and finished with people of my age group. Ready for change.

    Best of luck in all of your studies, Lucia. Keep fueling on those muffins and jam!

  13. I'm graduating this year too!! So scary, yet so exciting!! :D

  14. Yay! We're graduating the same year! I'm so excited! :)

    It was so fun to see you all last week... it went much too fast! I am looking forward to your visit this summer, Lord willing!!!!

    Love you! <3

  15. I'm not a big fan of jam...or jelly. (Too sweet for me.) But those photos are nice, nontheless. The last picture made me gasp. Seriously. Wow, stores sell those kinds of pens/ink? I'm missing out, aren't I? Hmm.

    Good luck on your exams! (though I am thankful that I don't have to take them yet; horrible studier for any test whatsover)


  16. Love the simplicity of your pictures-always makes me feel so happy. Keep up the good work Lucia-you have an amazing talent!

    Hope to see you again soon! :)

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  18. Those last two photos are really, especially beautiful. I really enjoy jam that isn't too sour or two sweet.


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