Tuesday, February 5, 2013

simple days.

as we grow older,
the days grow simpler.
no, they grow more
but the desire for simplicity becomes

it's funny how the simple people often wish for
a flamboyant life
and the flamboyant people find themselves pining for
a simple life.

i like simplicity. 
it's like the rain. steady, clear,
always refreshing.
and simple days, too. when things get too busy--
when you have no spare moments to use for
or laying on your back and just

the world becomes a dreary place. 

and so this is a simple post. 
the days have been so full. i have so much to say.
i have so much to write.
so many things to remember.
but i just want to breathe. and let it all go.

so here is a simple post that is only meant to say, 

"hello, i'm alive still,
just trying to breathe.
i have forgotten my capitals today,
but i haven't forgotten you."

// xo, lucia 


  1. I simply can't get over the fact at how freakishly talented you are! Lucialucialucia, gawh. You really are a refreshment. I love coming to your blog and hearing your heart + seeing the lovely shots. xox

  2. such peaceful, simple pictures, Lucia. They're beautiful. I agree with Elisha, I love coming to your blog to see your pictures and read what you write. :)) glad to hear from you.



  3. Such a refreshing post for such a peaceful day that feels like Spring.
    Long live these days and delightful, simple moments.

  4. thank you for killing me with all your pictures again. GIRL, these are so simple and perfect. I can feel the mood just looking at them. perfect, dearie, just perfect!

  5. you photos are incredible. and your words resonate so so much with me. i love simplicity - in photos, in life, in everything. this was a beautiful post! :)

  6. Your photos are magical, Lucia.

    Oh and hey, guess what?? I got my new baby yesterdayyyy!!! Woohoo!!! Photoshoot soon??;)

  7. uummmm. your photos are gorgeous, and your words only add to it. seriously. lovely.

  8. Those photos are magazine worthy. And the sense of nostalgia in them is simply lovely. Like those words above. And the fact that you've returned! But yes, simplicity is a wonderful thing.

  9. It always makes me glad reading your posts, when they do pop up in my dashboard, I'm always happy and never disappointed when I read them!

  10. lovelovelovelovelovelove. i'm so excited to see your posts and photos come up on my dashboard! they always leave me smiling! :) (-- see? i told you so!)

  11. The bread! Oh, the flowers! Makes my heart smile.

  12. Love the brilliant colors of the flower bouquet! :)

  13. so incredibly beautiful, lucia. the colors are brilliant.

  14. the bread looks scrummy! and the flowers are beautiful and your words are stunning. do you have anything wrong with you?!
    new follower here. :) xo
    hawwa // http://feathers-and-arrows.blogspot.co.uk/

  15. this post is a delight. those flowers are lovely. you're incredible. the end.

  16. your pictures are so perfect lucia, as always. :)

  17. Oh wow. that was such a beautiful post. :) I love your creativity with words and photographs. you're amazing.


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