Friday, August 3, 2012

stepping back and breathing

I love blogging. That's a given.

But sometimes I have to remind myself of the importance of stepping back, breathing, and just living.

Shutting down the laptop and picking up the book to read to the almost three-year old. Putting down the camera and experiencing the moment. Taking a step back to live life, not write about it, not document it, but just live -- really, wholly, truly live.

And the best part is, you'll find yourself writing better, shooting better, creating better that way. Because it's hard to live life and not be inspired by it.

Stepping back today, lovelies.

Much love,

My name is Hannah.
In a nutshell, I am...
a photographer
sometimes a writer, mostly a blogger
someone who laughs a lot
crazy about my family
loud Singer
an old soul
a woman struck with fernweh, or wanderlust
daughter, sister, friend
a lover of the simple and organic
a girl who quotes movies, books, and trivia
a fan of all things indie, artsy, and often eclectic
a chocolate icecream kind of girl
it's nice to meet you!
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  1. Great post filled with truth. Your writing style is so engaging, you have talent for not only photography bit definitely writing as well.


  2. Lovely post, Hannah! So encouraging and inspiring, no wonder you have a gift for writing. :)

  3. Love this, Hannah!



  4. I knew it was Sammy as soon as I saw the post in my dash, but I got all confused because this is Lucia's blog, not Hannah's ;) Great post!

    xo, j

  5. lovely Hannah, thanks for always reminding us to step back and enjoy the simple things of life

  6. So true! Thanks for the reminder, Hannah!!

  7. so beautiful and true!! i love how you can find things so beautiful in the small and every day...and i try to do it to, because i greatly admire you so! :)

  8. These words are so true, Hannah! Thank you for them. <3

  9. First picture is so cute…

  10. Great post! I love the photos. By the way, the authoress' eyes are stunning! :D

  11. gah. this is truth and a much-needed reminder. so thankyou.

  12. so true - what a great reminder.

  13. thank you so much for this reminder : )

  14. Absolutely amazing Hannah :) That's so true, it's hard to not live life and be inspired by it ♥
    My new favorite quote :D


  15. really needed to hear this today.

    thank you.


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