Thursday, August 16, 2012

emotion // challenge finalists

A few weeks late, but here are the finalists for July's photo challenge, "Emotion." As usual, it was a trial picking out only seven finalists, so I threw in some favorites too (which were also hard to narrow down). Thank you all for sharing your budding talent with me for this challenge, and congratulations, finalists! Please vote for your favorite on the poll in the sidebar.

 by Carli
I love this unique image--it is so full of raw emotion, but from a different vantage point. 
by Raquel
This is just dang cute--you can sense the love (and a little bit of sweet awkwardness?) in the shot. 
I love the surprise captured in these pretty eyes. Vibrant emotion! Eyes are indeed "the windows to the soul."
by Sierra
This is just lovely. Emotion through song is rarely captured effectively, and I think Sierra did the job with this pretty bridesmaid and her tribute to the wedding. Beautiful! 
by Kelly
This photo just makes me smile--the joy in holding that kitty is so evident!
by Amanda
Laughter is one of the best emotions. I love this capture of it. 
by Nela
Sibling love + joy are captured so well with this shot! I can almost hear his giggle. 

[the poll is now up!]


  1. There were so many good shots from this last challenge! I can see where it might be hard to choose just a few.

  2. Great shots! @Lucia, I'm having the same trouble with polls, its been going on like that for several days now... Hope it works soon!
    Btw- Seven Day Giveaway at my

  3. Wowzas!!!!! I'm a finalist?! Yippeeeeee!! Thanks so much, Lucia!! :)

  4. this is beautiful. =) I'm going to have so much trouble deciding!

  5. Wow...I'm a finalist? 0_o What an honor! Thank-you Lucia. :)
    And congrats to the other finalists as well! You're pictures are truly great captures of emotion.

  6. Replies
    1. it's in the sidebar at the top!

  7. wow, i love the one by sierra. so powerful! congrats to all the finalists :)

  8. Oh my goodness! I feel so honored to be a finalist O.O Thank you, Lovely Lucia(:

    And everyone else's pictures are absolutely incredible~ I can see the emotion pouring out through everyone, that's for sure! What a neat idea for a photo challenge. Perspective is a wonderful thing~!

    By His Grace,

  9. wow. I feel so lucky to be a finalist. :) thank you.


  10. Oh my goodness, I'm so honored to be a finalist. There are so many beautiful photos here - I love them all. I'd definitely have a hard time picking too.

  11. congrats to all the finalists I choose Carli

  12. OH!! Thank you so much Lucia:) Well done to all the other finalists! Everyone did a great job:)


  13. Beautiful pictures! I really love Carli's entry!

  14. Aaaaaah, this totally made my day! There were so many gorgeous photos and I'm flattered that mine is a finalist! Whoo!


  16. So amazing. The first one is incredible.


  17. they're all so amazing...i've voted and my favourite is sierra's!!!


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