Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the miscellany & the lovely.

It's been a miscellaneous & beautiful week filled to the brim with sunlight, jelly donuts, camera clicks, Cadbury chocolate eggs, new chicks, fresh flowers and bike rides down quiet country back roads.  Easter weekend was all azure skies and balmy breezes, and my camera was out almost every second.

On Saturday I helped photograph the annual Megga Easter egg Hunt at our local county fairgrounds. The midday sun was bright and un-photogenic, but the kids were beyond adorable (dang, there were over 1,000 to choose from). It was my first shot at event photography, and I have to say I'm pretty smitten. I wandered around at my leisure into the petting zoo, the face painting and the egg fields taking pictures to my heart's content.  This is the type of thing I could get used to.

On Easter Sunday we had some family over for a full spread, and basked in the warm sunlight. Food + sun are my "one weaknesses," as Miss Lane of Lark Rise to Candleford would say (just FYI: favorite.show.evah.). We talked and laughed and played around in the glowing embers of dusk, just like we used to when we were little. That's the funny thing about family; you can always, always be yourself with them. Even if you change.

Maybe that's why the miscellany and even the mundane are always the loveliest.

What did your Easter look like?

ps- never fear, the march photo challenge finalists will be announced soon-ish! 


  1. Aww, lovely photos, sweetie!! Liv is such a pretty model!! And aww! Chickies!!! So adorable :)


  2. Lovely pictures! I love the first one, absolutely stunning!

  3. Lucia, glad to hear you had such a lovely Easter. Mine included a nice and joyous church service here on the island, and a quiet afternoon with time to reflect, pray and read. All in all, a blessed Easter! :)

  4. This is amazing! Such beautiful photography! xo

  5. gah, babu chicks♥ i'm a puddle.


  6. Oh the photos are breath taking, Lucia!

  7. You are maybe my favorite photographer EVERR!!! (: I love the chick, and the bike picture!!

  8. It looks like you had a lovely Easter weekend! Filled with fun and family.

    Oh.my.goodness. those chicks are so cute! I want to just kiss them. :) Aren't you just loving that flowers are leaves are coming back out. The world is starting to look fresh again. Ahhh...

    My Easter was lovely. We went to church at our home fellowship, had communion, came home and had a family dinner with my sister and her family and my grandparents. We missed my brother who lives on the other side of the country. We had an egg hunt for the little kids, rib roast, four desserts (Yea, our family knows how to do it right. Our one weakness. ;)

  9. Your photography makes me blink in awe. Seriously. It's amazing!

    I must try to watch an episode of Larkrise to Candleford. I keep seeing it around and keep forgetting to give it a try. :P

  10. I love your photography. You have a real eye for photography; your pictures are so beautiful. I love the bike picture; so simple, yet so..neat. And peaceful. And inspiring! That one is my favorite. I also like the one of your sister holding the chicks...the light in her eyes is so beautiful. What a darling family you have as well!

    GREAT pictures that reflect the artwork of the AMAZING Creator!

  11. Awww the little chickies are sooo cute!! I love them!! :) And I love Lark Rise, too.

  12. Love these pictures - especially the one with the baby chicks. Insanely adorable. :)

    Sounds like you had a great Easter!


  13. Lark Rise to Candleford is my one weakness. ( =

    Gorgeous photos! Love 'em.

  14. Sounds like a nice Easter! I love your photos as always. :-)

  15. Anne's picture is so cute :)

  16. (In response to the comment you left on my blog)

    Thank you for your sweet words of congratulations, Lucia! Actually, I am currently hosting a giveaway here — http://365daysoftitanic.blogspot.com/2012/03/march-april-giveaway_14.html — to win a copy of Violets Are Blue. (The cover you see in the image is the older cover, which is why it looks a little different.) If you wish to enter, though, you must do it quickly, because it ends tomorrow (April 12th) at 11:59 P.M. :)

    Love ya,
    Elizabeth Rose

  17. So pretty! I am loving your photos, and was glad to stumble across your blog today!

  18. Love the pics as usual, Lucia. ;)
    the pic of your little sis with the chicks is sooooo cute. Love it!

    Blessings! Looking forward to your e-mail!


  19. Oooh, these are beautiful! And that last one? #soprecious

    That's awesome that you got to photograph all of those little cuties too! Little kids + Easter egg hunts -- priceless. :)

  20. Hi!
    You are a very talented photographer. Especially love the bike picture.

  21. Lucia, these are amazing! I love how you captured the sunflare in #9! <3

    eve @ essence of eve

  22. These are beautiful!!!! What camera do you use?


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