Sunday, April 15, 2012

easter // portraits

On Easter Sunday I took advantage of pretty outfits +Spring-ish blue skies  and took some portraits of the kids & animals. We have a bundle of new little chicks here, peeping and calling and huddling cozily together under the heat lamp. 

Their downy yellow backs are soft to the touch and their eyes blink sleepily, but soon they will be growing feathers and hopping about with relish. I hate how fast babies get big, yet it's the way things are. Life passes so quickly. 

Nevertheless, I love watching these new little ones grow right in front of me. It reminds me how precious and fragile each creature is, great or small. And how much more valuable you and I are to God. 

Do you have new animals? 


ps - 1000 followers? oh my word, friends...thank you! i am pretty honored to say the least. 


  1. Congrats on reaching 1,000 followers! What a milestone! You deserve it. :)


  2. wow! congrats on 1000 followers. i love baby chicks. we will be geting a new shipment of them sometime near the end of spring♥


    p.s. your siblings look so like you, it's scary! at first glance, i thought you'd chopped all your hair off. then i realized it was your brother XD

  3. :) Awesome portraits, Lu! Our goat just had 2 baby girls on Friday! xD They are just too sweet, and we have 2 more expectant does, so that's exciting!

  4. I just love the pictures of the chicks. So adorable.


  5. omgoshhhh love these. and CONGRATS on 1000! omw that is amazing! hah but you sooo deserve it. luv your blog hon. :)

    -krystal lynn

  6. AHH I love these. :) You are so dang good, Lucia! <3 Are you professional or amateur? I seriously can't tell! :)


  7. ps-congrats on 1000! so exciting. :)


  8. Aw the chicks are so adorable! I love baby animals :-) and congrats on 1000 followers, that is amazing!

  9. 1001 followers?! Congrats!!! (:

  10. one word: LOVE. okay, two: LOVE + CONGRATS!!

    you are sooo amazing. :D


  11. 1002 followers?! *shock* ;) Great job, Lucia. You deserve it. I just LOVE your blog.

    And yes, as a matter of fact, we have 4 new chicks. ;) 2 Rhode Island Reds and 2 Golden Sex Links. :) They are so cute.. but they are really getting bigger; more in there "teenage" stage, thus scraggly feathers, too-big-feet, and loud. :) But chicks are such a blessing.

    Loved this post! (As usual.)

    Mikailah @ by, sometime! :)

  12. Aww your brother and sister (I presume???) are adorable as are the little chicks. :)


  13. aw! these are so super sweet! love!



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