Monday, August 16, 2010

"Favorite Time Period" Poll Results!

...Awhile back, I put up a poll on the sidebar (as I am so fond of doing ;), entitled, "What is Your Favorite Time Period?" Well, since there were 122 votes in all (thank you, friends!), I couldn't resist putting up the results for ALL to see! =D So, here it is:

Bible Times --28 (22%)

Viking Ages --14 (11%)

1400s to 1600s --26 (21%)

1700s to 1900s --89 (72%)

Present --38 (31%)

...With "1700s to 1900s" coming out as winner overall! That is my favorite time period, too--though I am happy where God has placed me. The fact is, if I had been born in any other century, I most likely wouldn't be alive! I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped three times around my neck,, praise the LORD for His will and love. I am happy where I am, and wouldn't trade my life for a queen's (though maybe trying it out for a day wouldn't be so bad..)! =D

Blessings and Thanks to Him,
Miss Lucia

P.S. (AND...*drumroll* this is my 100th post!! Can you believe it? Stay tuned for a giveaway! ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait for you giveaway! :D

  2. I'm a follower!! I've been meaning to become a follower for a whil actually,lol and this finally modivated me too! : )

    BTW I liked your last header you had with you in the hay field! This header looks good too though!

  3. I am growing quite fond of the 1700-1900 time period, and if I could I would visit it many times. The wonderful preachers such as Charels Spurgeon, the simple farmlives lead by families, and the revolution in governemet during the Cival War that reminded people that we are all equal in the Lord's sight. But as you said, I am also thankful for the thime that I do live in!

    Can't wait to see your giveaway!


  4. Wow! Congrats on the 100th post. :)


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