Tuesday, August 3, 2010

~Anne for a Day~

If you noticed my *new* header, you might have guessed that something was up my sleeve. ;) Yes, I finally did the "Anne of Green Gables" Fashion Week thingy--only, alas, I am too late. =( So, I made up my own "catagory:" Anne for the Day! I will just post it, as promised, for all of you to see! I was Anne for the day, and enjoyed myself immensly.

Anne for the Day: 'Arrival at Green Gables' Outfit

Anne wasn't dressed in the most attractive of outfits when she arrived at Green Gables, blissfully unaware of a mistake, and happy that she had such a lovely home. Most illustrations depict the "Arriving Anne" as a little girl with redbraids sticking out of a large straw hat, with a clean, but threadbare pinnafore atop an ugly cotton print dress. I added a flower to my hat, because I thought that, with Anne's love of beauty and imagination, she would have plucked a flower to pretty her poor hat.  

So for my outfit, I donned...

A pinnafore which I made myself when I was twelve
My calico-print dress =)
Black cashmere stockings
Tie "Pioneer Boots" given to me by a friend
Mama's straw hat, with a posy stuck in it

My hair...

A bun! How original...

...More "Anne for the Day" activites may be coming soon, depending on how my imagination is doing...=)


  1. I really like your new header! :-D

  2. Great "Anne" pictures! They are simply splendid!

  3. Lucia,
    You are sooo pretty - and photogenic! :)

    God Bless,

  4. SO pretty, dear!!! :) I LOVE your new header, and all the pretty Anne pictures!!! :) It's just SO beautiful! :)


  5. What a cute dress, dear!!! I love it!!


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