Friday, April 9, 2010

Teaching Days...

My days as a teacher are going well. We are now in our second week of tutoring little Matthew; we have not started with the other boy yet. It has been a fun and educational (of course) experience for all so far, and we have engaged him in several activities. I thought I would fill you in on some of the things we have come up with!

Matthew (or Vincie) is very interested in the “Titanic” and her sinking in 1912, so last week we checked out several books on the ship and wrote a short story about a little boy Matthew’s age who is saved from the sinking. This was Matthew’s *first* story, and so it was dictated to us as we wrote it down. It turned out very well! He also worked on a drawing to illustrate the tale, and we put together a little book for him to take home.

Today was bird day. We played a fact game about birds, and then set off on a nature hike to see if we could spot 10 different kinds. We did, and even saw a Blue Heron and Golden Eagle! Despite these great finds, Matthew dubbed the American Robin as his favorite. To celebrate this, he wrote a story by himself about the Robin, and how he felt when he saw it. After forming "The Bird Finders Club," we took a photo of him with the Robin we spotted behind him, and will be pasting that in another book, shaped like a birdie. :)

All in all, the day turned out fine, and we are looking forward to having our student back with us next week!

~Miss Lucia~*


  1. Oh goodness, Lucia! Your teaching sounds unbelievably, simply fantastic. It must be so neat teaching your student, and helping him to create new things with his mind. What a delight it must be!

    On a somewhat random note, me, my mom, and my brother were at our local park today and saw a Blue Heron in the pond. That was kind of rare to see one. (just thought I'd mention it, since you were talking about birds!)

    I do hope you'll do another blog post to tell how next week's teaching goes. I wish you all the best in this venture!!

    ~ Tarissa

  2. Awww! That is REALLY neat! How fun! :) Great job, Lu!


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