Tuesday, June 11, 2013

daisy ventures.

I sling my bag onto my bike and swing onto the seat. My feet pump the pedals and I rattle down the fielded hill, feeling every pothole. I reach the quiet road and skim down the pavement, feeling the cool spring wind blowing my face. I pass daisies bobbing their heads to the beat of the breeze, their faces almost golden in the setting sun. I stop and grab my camera from its bag. 

A woman strolling by stops to ask me what I'm doing. 

"Taking pictures of daisies," I say. It sounds simple, and silly. But she smiles and gazes at the flowers before us in a rather wistful way.

"I used to make daisy chains with my sisters," she says. And I smile, too. 

I pedal down the road with a chain in my hair and petals on my wheels. I pass an old house with an old bike and an old cat in its front yard. The mailbox is surrounded by a tangle of greens, and I wonder what sort of letters it has held in the years gone by. 

I glimpse a man in the window, and I hurry by, embarrassed for stopping to stare. But I like to admire, and old houses are more beautiful than new ones. Their windows have souls. 


  1. Lovely words and lovely pictures, Luci. Absolutely wonderful wonderful!

  2. This is gorgeous. I love how you told the story in that way. And old houses are way better than new.



    ps- that one picture of the mailbox is absolutely stunning!

  3. So that last paragraph was pure perfection. This little story makes me want to go back to my old neighborhood.

    You take beautiful pictures. As always :)

  4. i absolutely love how you write and tell stories. wonderful post and photos, daisies are my favourite kind of flowers x
    - Jianine

  5. Your blog is so fake.

    1. oh, it's quite real, I can assure you. ;) but thank you for your concern.

    2. what is that even supposed to mean? ;) i love your blog, Lucia. :)

  6. wow I just love these. these photos are delicious. (even if that cat looks slightly evil. ahem.) pretty pretty, my dear!

  7. Sometimes its' the simplest things that bring such pleasant joy... the peaceful bike rides, stopping here and there to capture a bit of beauty, and the fresh air blowing in your faces... *beautiful*


  8. beautiful photos!! love the writing. :)

  9. Oh but taking pictures is never silly!

  10. You are enchanting, seriously. Your words and pictures... simply gorgeous.

  11. How absolutely sweet.

    "Just breathe" - can I get someone to remind me of that every day?

  12. lucia your blog is so beautiful it takes my breath away. you are so talented! God has blessed you in a huge way. what an amazing Father.

  13. I love these pictures. I love these daisies. I love your words. and basically everything. also, letter coming your way soon!

  14. Ohhhh amazing post! You so inspire me! I can feel every word! And your pictures are soooooo good! I LOVE this post!!!

    ~Amber :)

    http://thelightthatiam.blogspot.com/ (Follow me on my new blog!)

  15. Oh Lucia, I love this. Your photographs are so crisp and clear and your words equally so.

  16. Ah, I love this... the writing and the pictures! The pictures are so vivid and beautiful... sounds wonderful to just cycle down a road and come across so much beauty.


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