Friday, November 9, 2012

oh look, i found a tree of hearts.

I was running up The Hill two days ago. The Hill, if I have not mentioned it before, is a rather magnanimous mountain which I run chug up every so often. It is, in every sense of the word, the Hill. There is none other like it on the planet, I am certain. I compare running up The Hill to eating your least favorite vegetable--you see it before you and you know you must conquer it for your better health, it is of course very terrible during the conquering of it, yet once at the end you look back and say, "That was a thing well done."

Eggplant would be the vegetable to compare it to for me. But I'm going completely off the point. 


I was running up The Hill, and as I reached the top (quite out of breath and also a little sweaty), I saw something lovely. It was a tree--a little spindly thing reaching up into the sky with only a few leaves still upon its bare limbs--, but such leaves! They were golden yellow, and in the shape of hearts. I loved it. I wanted it for my room. But that was not possible, so instead I came back the next day with my camera and tried to capture it just as it looked. 

If we want to be scientific, I believe it was Cercidiphyllum Tree. But I wasn't thinking about that. I was thinking about how lovely it was of God to make a tree like the Heart Tree. It reminded me of how much He shows us His love through the things He has made in the world--just for us. 

And it made me smile. 


ps- remember that wedding I shot? yeah, the one I'm behind on showing you? NEXT post, folks. next post, pinky promise. ;) 


  1. This is beautiful. Good for, for running up The Hill.:)can't wait for the next post!

  2. gorgeous. number 3 ... holy wow. :)

  3. Gods handiwork is incredible. And to think you we're given the opportunity to capture it! Can't wait for the next post! Voted for you! Do you have an Instagram?


  4. These are so pretty!

  5. How special! It's so amazing how God can do things like this, well, then again, it is God. The second picture was icredible :)


  6. Lovely photos! That is such a cool tree! :) And I agree, I love how God show's His love for us even in His creations!

  7. haha must have a love-hate relationship with The Hill. I can imagine hard it must be to run up it, but then how accomplished and happy you must feel when you reach the top. :)

    Those leaves are beautiful! God is soooooo awesome and kind.

    Looking forward to the wedding photos!


  8. these are legitimately incredible. loving the depth of field in each of them.

  9. oh so very gorgeous. (also, does anyone like eggplant? seriously.)
    ;) <3

  10. I voted for you, hope you win,

    God Bless,

    Flame of Jah

  11. I love this tree :) can't wait to see pictures on your adventure!

  12. I've already been voting for you girl! AND I love the tree, and I awarded you in my latest post on my second award! If you get a chance and maybe even add it to the end of a post I'd be so happy! :) If ya can't no worries! :)

  13. I love heart trees. :) I am *not* scientifically inclined, as I have no idea what the name was {until now}, but heart trees are the best. I wouldn't mind having one for my room, either. ;)

    Lovely pictures, dear, and your words are so inspiring and beautiful. It always amazes me the things God uses to remind us of His love. ♥

    And I voted for ya! :)

    xx, Mikailah♥ by sometime and say howdy. ;)

  14. Oh my goodness, I love the 2nd and 3rd picture SOO much. You can't even imagine.

  15. You, my dear Lucia, are amazing.

  16. What a lovely tree & reflection! :) <3

    There is so much beauty we overlook... your post reminds me to pause enough to notice them, to notice God's love for us.

  17. Photos two, three, and four are my favorites, though its so hard to choose.
    BTW Jennoelle I love eggplant, you just need my Mom to make it for you, you are sure to love it then.
    I've been voting for you Lucia, thanks for your sweet blog.
    In Christ

  18. i just realised i wasn't following you, and then i threw a fit, and then i repented.
    so hi. i feel official in reading your blog now. this is gorgeous. you're such a cool person.

  19. Hey i really LOVE your blog!! Your photography is way to good!! I loved looking at all your pictures!!:)

  20. Love those hearts in the tree. Great pictures, Lucia. :)

  21. Lucia, I want you to know that I think you are a wonderful example to young girls. You have such a godly influence, and you are incredibly beautiful both inside and out.
    Also, I think your photography is Kinfolk-worthy.
    You are wonderful. May God continue to show you the way that He delights in.



  22. These photos are absolutely beautiful!


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