Thursday, January 28, 2010

Days Gone By

Well, the days have come and gone, and it is time for an update, I believe. =) As with any home schooling (or schooling!=) household, things have been quite busy, and we are all ready for a short break--which perhaps may come tomorrow! But first, let me brief you on a typical day in this household.

Besides schoolwork (which has taken up a good 11 hours of the day for the two hi-school students in the home, my sister Olivia and myself) and keeping the clockwork of the home going, we have been involved in our usual daily activities, and a few unusual ones. =) I am greatly enjoying writing to my pen-pals, some of which own blogs themselves. I have just gotten TWO new ones, which I plan to begin writing to as soon as possible. One is Miss Becca (some of you may have seen “her” post over at Miss Raquel’s blog), and another lovely young lady, Miss Hannah Grace (though only by e-mail at present). It is so wonderful to be able to connect through words with godly young ladies all over the country--through the forgotten art of letter-writing! For even at my tender age, I have seen the steady decline of the hand-held pen--replaced by e-mails and texting over the years. A lovely,15-page letter is now replaced by a two-line text message! It is rather sad. =( So, I encourage you to get a PEN-pal or two! Keep the forgotten art alive!

It has also been my joy and delight to take up the cooking and baking of good things. I just recently discovered the many recipes in our 15 cookbooks, and have been experimenting with these things. Some of the experiments donot go as well as others…but it all takes time and practice. =) My most recent escapade in the kitchen has been the creating of a LARGE “going-away cake” for some friends who are traveling to Malaysia, to live for three years (their father has a “secret job” in the army, and must be transferred there for some reason). After frosting the huge cake with some fluffy white frosting, I discovered that we had no more powdered sugar for the decorating! Woe was the cook! Thankfully, I found a bag of marshmallows in the pantry, and decided to make do. The result was a large, spiky-looking cake decorated with row upon row of small marshmallows, standing in their straight lines like little soldiers. It was a VERY kid-friendly cake. =D

I also have been taking up once more the lovely art of knitting, my hands being absent from the needles for almost a year. Alas, I discovered that we indeed had no yarn. A dear friend, who’s aunt just recently passed away, kindly let us take a multitude of yarn from the hundreds of skeins her aunt had had in her closet, as she was a very avid knitter. We now have a very ready supply, and have several brightly-colored scarves, hats, and blankets-in-the-making for use. =)

If any of you have been on the ”Feelin’ Feminine” website lately, you may have seen their inspiration for a “Homemaker’s Journal.” It is something any young lady will be glad to have someday, as both a relic from her maidenhood, and a helper for her home. It is a notebook that you start now, in which you place favorite recipes, home-made cleaning solutions, projects, etc. over the years. I have taken up this, and am greatly enjoying decorating the inside with pretty things as well as filling it up. I am currently focusing on recipes, and have been searching my memory and cookbooks of all they hold. I am positive that I will appreciate this little journal when I have a home of my own!

So, these have been my latest projects/adventures. And tomorrow, I shall have a break from all! It is my oldest sister Olivia’s 17th birthday, and we get the day off from schoolwork. =) Also, we are going up to WA to visit some dear friends of ours, the Spaffords (Lynnae Spafford has the blog, “Randomness by Lynnae“). We haven’t seen them for nearly two years, I believe--so we are very excited! It will be wonderful to see them.

Well, I must bring this entry to a close. May the LORD bless you all this week, as you strive to please Him in everything!

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  1. Beautiful post, daughter! =) Yes, we have indeed been busy...


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