Tuesday, February 28, 2012

bee-yew-ess-why and some giveaway winners.

B-U-S-Y. That is what I have been lately. But haven't we all? It seems like every day there has been something both fun and time-consuming. And there has been a lot of ice cream + laughter in my diet this weekend.

Friday night we went over to some friends' and watched a movie, just randomly. We ate key lime pie ice cream (if you have not tasted this goodness yet, getyourselfsomeasap. I command you.), laid around and laughed at everything. Saturday night we went for dinner at another friend's house, ate more ice cream and laughed at everything. Sunday night, I went to a buffet with some more amazing friends--just because--and we stuffed ourselves + laughed at everything. Yes, there was ice cream in the mix there, too.

Health freaks, you can beat me up now. :]

Yesterday I got back on schedule and completed my entire school list, cleaned the kitchen, swept the floors, went on a long run in the delicious sunniness Oregon had for one blessed day, read a large portion of Uncle Tom's Cabin and endeavored to begin this blog post--but, as you can see, in that I failed.


Now. I have some giveaway winners to announce, do I not? Huge thanks to my sponsors and entrants for participating. There were 5,249 entries altogether--amazing! And here are the {very} lucky winners...

The winner of the Rose Cameo Necklace from Nesting Pretty is...Jenni Austria Germany! 
The winner of the "I Love Paris" necklace from Anya Cloud is...Bekah W.! 
The winner of the heart bowls from JD Wolfe Pottery is...Phioniray!
The winner of the Coral Enamel charm locket from The Blooming Thread is...Jenoelle! 
The winner of the Mustard Rosette Headband from Brydeferth Studios is...Eyebright L.! 
The winner of the Baja Turquoise Ring from MaaP Studios is...Prerana! 
The winner of the ECD Dancing DVD is...Susanna!

Congratulations, ladies. :) I will get your sponsors your e-mails, and you should be hearing from them soon!

...To those who were not winners this time, make sure to stay tuned. ;) I am planning a lovely surprise for you this coming March, in celebration of the 900 follower milestone, if and when it is reached (wow, guys, I am so amazed and blessed!). Here is a little sneak-peek of only a few of my sponsors' gorgeous prizes:

 Happy Tuesday, friends. Here's a [hug] for each o' ya. :]



  1. glad your backk!!! (: I love all the new stuff youve changed on here.. and congrats to all the winners!! :) cant wait for March now!!!

  2. congrats to the winners! can't wait for the next giveaway♥ lucia, you totally deserve it -- we all love your blog.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. oh, can't wait for the next big giveaway! i had a marvelous weekend also that involved a pile of teenagers, skiing, jokes, laughter, inmaturness at times, and yah, lots of food that was awesome. :)

  4. i have been beyond busy...but making up for it with productive days just like you!
    congrats to all the winners & looking forward to the next giveaway :)

  5. wow, I really like both of the pictures in this post! sounds like you had a great weekend. :)

  6. Yay! I'm so excited that I won! Thanks again for having such fun prizes for your giveaways. :)

  7. Oh yay! Thank you Lucia...so excited! (:

  8. It seems you've had a lot of fun in the weekend! Congrats for all winners, and wow congratulations to you, Lucia, for reaching almost 900 followers! Your blog is so sweet and refreshing =D

    In His love,

  9. That loud shreak you heard? That was me screaming for joy!
    That loud crash you heard? That was my chair being knocked over!
    That loud ***THUD*** you heard? That was me fainting in shock!
    That smell...? It's smelling salts. Duh, what else?!?! LOL

    In short, I CAN'T BELIEVE I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And that is the one thing I DESPERATELY WANTED TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You could say I am a bit obsessed with Paris... lol ;)

    Anyways, thank you! You already have my email, I believe. If not, fsatateditor(at)gmail(dot)com

    *oh I am so happy* (In Toronto~ the city I love~ and winning the necklace I ADORE...)

  10. Congrats, ladies! :) Lucia, all that ice cream sounds fabulous. I've got to try key lime pie ice cream. Pronto. :)

    Can't wait for the "goodies!"

  11. Thanks for sharing your fun!! Congrats to the winners too!!

  12. Ooh! This likes nice! =D And fun, of course. XD

  13. Ice cream is the best. :) And key lime pie ice cream? gimmegimme...

    Congrats to the winner, and to you, dear! 900 followers is quite the landmark. :)


  14. oh i was so hoping to win something! oh well. i'll stay tuned for march : )
    nine hundred followers? gee, that will be quite a milestone!

  15. This makes me feel much better that this weekend you ate as much ice cream as I did ;)


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