Monday, August 29, 2011

get the dress of your dreams.

So you need a cute dress, fast. Or maybe, not so fast--you just need want a cute dress. :] Understandable. And you want it to be both cute and modest and stylish and...yeah, the perfect dress.

Think it doesn't exist?

Think again. is here.  

Remember when I reviewed a dress from this fab. place?? I chose a pretty blue summer dress which is extremely adorable. I was satisfied with the fit, and the whole look. I would love another to add to my wardrobe. :]

Eshakti's prices are extremely affordable for being handmade, of high quality, and the option of being customized for every individual. No chance of being too low or too short with this company! Your can request "above the collarbone," or "below the calf," or "quarter-length sleeves.." the possibilities are endless! However, sometimes "affordable" isn't as affordable to some people as it is to others.  $50 is a lot to pay for a dress, personally. But knock off $20? And maybe even knock the $20 off of something in the 40% clearance area? Then you have got yourself a *deal.*

Yup, that's right. This code is just for you, my dears, when you shop at eShakti, until September 15th. It gives you $20 off of any purchase, whether it's from clearance or from the newest arrivals. PLUS, I get $10 credit when you use it! So, we both score!

Here's the code:


...Now, go use it on that perfect dress you thought you would never find! :) Let me know in a comment if you decide to use it...and feel free to e-mail it or facebook it to your friends and family. <3

*valid only until September 15th, so hurry, hurry!


  1. Oh, thanks for this! I went and checked it out, and didn't see anything that I would like well enough to pay for, even with the $20 off, but perhaps they will change their clearance before the 15th?

    Thanks for the great way to share!

  2. They have adorable items at Eshaki! Thank you for the coupon... I will definitely consider purchasing something! :)

    Many Blessings,

  3. I have a question... if something in clearance section is 21 dollars lets say, can you still use the 20 dollars off? They have some adorable dresses! Thank you, Lucia. :)

  4. I went over and browsed a bit, and they have many lovely clothing items! :) Though when I went to their Shipping page it said 'Minimum order value $30' does this still apply to our $20 off purchase? I guess my question is similar to the one above. Thanks! :)

  5. Going on there website now!

  6. I LOVE this site! I just found it and the total price of the stuff that I want is embarrassing. It is a bit more pricey than it is affordable, but it's worth it! (Once I get my allowance...)

  7. Oh Lucia, thank you! I just found out that I'm going to a wedding in a few months, followed by "I don't have a dress to wear!!"

    I found the perfect one on eShakti, and am most likely getting it in a few days. Of course, I wouldn't get it full price, so this is a huge, huge treat and blessing!

    Thank you. :)

  8. GAAH! I registered on their site and got the 20 dollars off from THEM...I ordered a dress and didn't use yours first! I won't get my allowance until next month...I was planning to use yours first, but I forgot.

  9. Hey, Lucia, I was wondering (and it's okay if this isn't possible) if you could possibly extend the coupon code just through October 2? I am planning to get another dress with my next allowance money combined with birthday money, but I won't be able to do that if I have to pay full price. I was so excited to buy my first dress, I forgot to use your coupon code first, instead of the code from eShakti, which is good for three months. Please comment back on my blog; if you can't do this, it's fine!! :)


Aw! Thanks so much for leaving a comment! They make me smile. :)

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