Monday, June 20, 2011

taylor swift, etc.

Hair is one of my absolute weaknesses. I adore long hair, and hairdos that look amazing. One of my idols, when it comes to hair {note: when it comes to hair} is Taylor Swift. She seriously has the best hair in the world. :] does help that she is a celebrity and has her own private hairdresser, but that is beside the point..

^^ This guitar is pretty sweet. :] I'm not a guitar player, but I think I would consider taking it up if this was handed to me...;)

I think alot of her curliness is natural. I adore curly hair. Mine is straight as sticks. :(

^^ Adorable headband! And I like her hair up, too...

^^ This is a pretty cute dress. I don't know how short it is, but hey! A shout out to Taylor for being modest. That is one of the things I like about here--she isn't as flaunty as all of the other Hollywood queens, and keeps most her outfits fairly decent. This next summer frock {not to mention another awesome guitar} is pretty, too {some changes needed, of course, for it to be added to my wardrobe...}:
File:Taylor Swift at Yahoo crop.jpg

Hey, and check this out: Taylor with no makeup! See? There is such a thing as natural beauty. :] These photos are from a shoot for People magazine. Now, that was brave of her, wasn't it? Yay for her!

Awe. ♥ She's so naturally gorgeous!

Taylor Swift with no makeup picture 10 of 12

^^ This dress = amazing-ness, too. ♥

..And, just because I'm posting on Taylor Swift, I have to include part of my favorite song by her. I think "Never Grow Up" is pretty much one of the sweetest things I have ever's about a mother singing to her baby.

Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up,
Don't you ever grow up,
Just stay this little
Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up,
Don't you ever grow up,
It could stay this simple... 

..If only it could.

- Please note that I do not endorse all of Taylor Swift's songs or outfits. -


  1. funny- I adore short hair, long hair is annoying

  2. her hair is worth being jealous over! haha ;P I'm not a TS fan but I love that song! so sweet

    much love♥

  3. I think that Taylor Swift is very pretty, but she isn't my favorite person in the world. From the times I've seen her, she seems like a fairly sweet girl. My favorite song that she sings {practically the only song I've heard of hers:)} is "Love Story."

    Blessings, dear friend.

  4. She looks like a fairy tale princess even without all her makeup!

    I do adore her hair as well. Maybe I should let mine grow out? But that would mean curlers....naaa.....

  5. I Love her hair! I've only heard two of her songs ( Both on the radio at a store :) but her hair is gorgeous :)

  6. Gosh, I love Taylor. :) Her sense of style is so amazing! And her HAIR! Ahhhh yesss. :D <333 Have you heard "Mine"? The music video for it is SO CUTE!

    Love you,

  7. I love long hair. And yes, Taylor Swift has such gorgeous hair. But her natural hair is straight, as far as I know. But she looks so pretty with her curls. Yeah, I love curly hair, too. Right, she can dress decently...although there were times when her clothes were not so good. I'm not really a fan of hers, but some of her songs are nice.

  8. She does have gorgeous hair! And I admire models/singers who are brave enough to have their picture taken without make-up. She seems to be a better role model out there then most famous girls/woman now days. So yeah...Even though I am NOT a fan of Country music...I have a lot of respect Taylor<3 Love this post!

  9. Taylor Swift does have very pretty hair...but don't be jealous of naturally curly hair...mine is and it's soooo much work to maintain and keep looking nice. Straight hair you can just brush out and you're good to go!

  10. I love my long hair. It's one of those things that makes me me! It's getting REALLLLLLLLLLLY long now, though. Past my shoulder blades.


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