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Heroines of Style: Grace Kelly

Heroines of style~  
                  Grace Kelly

Grace Patricia Kelly is the woman America--and the world--will never forget. The pale, blonde beauty queen could boast of being a renowned actress, model, style icon, and princess consort of Monaco {by marriage} all at once. Born in 1929, she debuted her acting career at the age of 20, after being rejected from college due to low math scores. She had been involved in plays with her private highschool, and in the "prophecies" section of her graduating yearbook someone wrote, "Miss Grace P. Kelly--a famouse star of stage and screen."

Grace went on to become a leading actress for her time period, starring in well-known movies alongside other prominent actors such as Cary Grant and Jimmy Stuart.

Her styles were copied by women all over the country, and she was known for her excellent taste. She always dressed in a somewhat refined manner--loving elegant evening gowns and silky fabrics. The first photo at the top of this post show her in the large-skirted dress that she is most remembered in.

Grace loved light colors and feminine attire. She was often seen in floppy hats, which accented her perfectly-shaped face well.

In 1956, Grace married Prince Rainier III of Monaco, skyrocketing her already present stardome into worldwide fame. Her wedding dress was the talk of the nation, and it was certainly exquisite. Lace over-covering a snug bodice, pearl buttons clasping to the throat, and a delicate veil. This year, Princess Kate's wedding dress was shown to have a remarkable resemblence!

Grace Kelly in 1956

Kate Middleton in 2011

Grace suffered a stroke while driving with her daughter on September 13, 1982, and crashed down a mountainside. Her daughter survived the accident, but she did not. The world mourned for their beloved "Princess Grace," and would never forget her.
File:Grace Kelly at Expo67 - LAC e000996509.jpg

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  1. I knew little of Grace Kelly until I had the exquisite chance to look through some old popular magazines, and there was an article that had a bunch of pictures of Grace and the Prince of Monaco. After that I looked her up, and have seen her in one movie. I didn't know how she died though, and it's such a tragic piece of information!

  2. LOved that post!!! We're related to Grace Kelly!!

  3. Grace Kelley was so beautiful, and dignified. And she had a gorgeous style!

    I love these fashion heroines posts you do!

    Have a wonderful day! xxxx~Kelsey

  4. I love Grace Kelly! She is one of my favorite people for fashion inspiration and I love her as an actress!

  5. Wow, she is beautiful! I'm surprised I never heard of her before. I love the dress she is wearing in the first picture. Great post! :)

  6. I love Grace Kelly! She was such a stylish actress and fashion icon.

  7. I haven't really heard of her much. =P Though she does have some pretty dresses. *winks*

  8. That first dress is lovely, isn't it? Wow - I would love to wear something like that everyday :) Wouldn't it be wonderful if women found it worthwhile again to dress every day this way, giving themselves the honour of being dressed well and stylish. hmmm...


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