Thursday, February 10, 2011

"The Seven Days of Valentines:" {Heart} Fashion

My Dear Readers,

Here we are already with day two of "The Seven Days of Valentines." You may be wondering when the 'Etsy' part of the title will come into play..don't worry, we'll get to that soon! ;)

Day two is going to be a fun activity for all of you fashion lovers. :) Introducing...

Day Two: The Seven Days of Valentine's
"{Heart} Fashion"

I love fashion. That is to say..window-shopping-fashion. ;) I *love* looking at dresses online or simply passing storefronts on the streets when I go to town, thinking of accessories I could put with a certain garment, and just making all sorts of "imaginative" outfits!


Now. You're going to create your own Valentine's inspired cyber outfit!

..Meaning, you piece together an outfit {in reds, pinks, or whites} that you would wear to a Valentine's Day event. It can be elegant, chic, casual, simple, formal..anything you like! Create a post (like mine below) showcasing your {Heart} Fashion. Then, leave a comment with your post link!

 ~We'll have a vote/award at the end of this event for the prettiest, most creative outfit.~


Sound fun? I sure had a delightful time putting together mine...

~Red is the Rose~
Lucia's {Heart} Fashion

{This exquisite red dress will be the outfit's staple..without the jewelery, and with a piece of lace sewn in at the top!}

{This shawl in the case of chilly February weather..;) }

{White rose earrings should do the job..}

{These lacy gloves will add an extra effect!}

{..Pearls add a finishing touch!}

..and, viola! My {dream} outfit..*sigh*


~I can't wait to see what you will "wear" to this Valentine's Day event!~



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  1. How lovely! Can we share outfits? ;)

  2. Good idea! Sadly all my computer time is up! :(

  3. *gasp* Lucia, that is the prettiest outfit! I would so love to own something like that!!!

    Great choice, Girl! <3 Too bad me and you couldn't own one like that... we'd really be twins.(You'll have to find out what I mean come your next letter I shall be sending you.)=P ;) But you would look absolutely GORGEOUS if you really did!


    I think this is an outfit I'd enjoy. Sooo many ideas! :P


Aw! Thanks so much for leaving a comment! They make me smile. :)

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