Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day One: Feminine Fashion Week 2011!

..I am so excited to announce that I am participating in another fashion event! This time, it's hosted by Miss Natasha Atkerson. Feminine Fashion Week 2011 is running from today, the 1st, to the 7th..I am pumped for a week of photos and fun creativity with outfits! I love fashion events, if you can't tell...;)

Feminine Fashion Week: Day One
Black and Purple Winter

I went pretty "stylish" to kick this event off {hehe}...just dug around in my closet and found some pretty cute things, if I do say so myself. ;) I recently discovered shirtdresses, and absolutley LOVE them! I now own this purple one, and a plaid one. They ae *meant,* I believe, to be worn without anything undnerneath them..can you imagine??! So, I put some blue jeans with the shirtdress, and a coat to make it Wintery. What do you think?:

{Here is the full outfit, with the jacket! Didn't have any time to do anything purty with my hair, so I just have a plain ol' side ponytail...}

My Outfit:

Black overcoat~~"Wet Seal" {Purchased at Wet Seal}
Purple ShirtDress~~"Cherokee" {Purchased at Goodwill}
Blue Jeans~~"American Eagle" {Purchased at Goodwill}
Black Flats~~"Fiona" {Purchased at Fred Meyer's}

{...And here's the shirtdress in full was 23 degrees out there, people! Definitly more of an outfit for Summer, without the jacket...yup, a little "model" pose there. Sort of silly, oh well!}

{Back view}

{Close-up of flats}

{Had to get that coat back ON, haha...I love how the shirtdress adds modesty and femininity to jeans!}

This looks to be a ton of fun; I highly suggest you join today!


May the Lord Bless!


  1. That is such a sweet outfit, Lucia! I absolutely love it!!

  2. Love your outfit Lucia!
    It is too *cute*. :D

    I hope you have a blessed New Year.

    Love in Christ,

  3. That is such a sweet outfit, Lucia! I absolutely love it!!

  4. Adorable outfit, Lucia! I love the purple.

  5. love your outfit! so cute!!

    I could not wear one of those shirtdresses with nothing underneath! eeeeekkk! ;)

    with love,

  6. This is so cute! It's very soft, pretty and feminine! The shirtdress and ballet flats really make the jeans more feminine :)
    Happy New year!

  7. You are beautiful, Lucia! Oh.. and I like your outfit, too. ;)

  8. So cute! That shade of purple looks really nice on you! :)
    {From your fellow Feminine Fashion Week participant, Ellie.} :P

  9. This outfit is so CUTE!!! I love it! And that purple shirtdress - so pretty! :)


    Bramblewood Fashion: Modest Fashion Blog

  10. You're such a lovely young lady, Lucia!!! <3

  11. I like shirt dresses and well.. they look fabulous with jeans! :)

  12. You are too cute!!! :) By far, the best of your far, anyway ;) Can't wait to see more!!


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