Thursday, September 2, 2010

Feelin' Feminine September Issue OUT!

Head on over to "Feelin' Feminine," the lovely God-honoring website that promotes modesty, femininity, and honoring the LORD as young ladies! The September issue is now out, and is wonderfully interesting and well-put together as usual. I always look forward to the interviewing of a "Featured Femina," too--tons of fun! Hmm...I wonder who it is this time? ;)

..Yes, ladies, tis me. =D I was SO honored and surprised to be asked this month, and hope you'll enjoy the interview! The e-mail Jocelyn sent me asking me to do it definitly made my month. Know someone you'd like to see interviewed? Nominate them for next month HERE!

Miss Lucia


  1. Congrats on being interviewed! I enjoyed reading it. :D

    Much love,

  2. It's you!!!! Wow, congrats! How exciting. =)

  3. Three cheers for Lucia!!! :-D <3 I was SO happy to see you on there. :-)

    Love 'n' blessings,

  4. Yes, congratulations on being featured!

    Um...really quick, I was wondering which template you use for your blog...? And did you make your header yourself? Or had someone else make it for you?

    Hope you're having a lovely September!
    ~Miss Raquel

  5. I read it - it was REALLY good! I agree, I look forward to the issue every month to!

  6. Miss Lucia,
    Congratulations on being featured this month! I read the interview - it was fantastic!

    ~ Tarissa


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