Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day FOUR: Shout It! Modest Fashion Event: "Navy & Pearls Formal"


Day FOUR of Miss Natasha's fashion event already! Wow--this is so much fun! =D I took all these photos yesterday, because I was pretty sure I wouldn't have enough time to do anything but post today. I'm sorry that it isn't anything red, white, and blue--I just didn't have time! And this will be a scheduled post. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY, everyone!! Praise the LORD for our freedom, and pray that our country will come back to Him that gave it to us.'s day four.

"Navy and Pearls Formal"

I really like the "Indian Sari-ish-ness" of the skirt--it's really thin and flowy. :) The pearls and fitted blouse provide a somewhat formal air.

What I'm Wearing:

Floral-print Skirt: "Briggs New York," Fred Meyer
Blouse: "No Boundaries," Wal-Mart
Black under-tank: Old Navy
*Real* Pearl Necklace: A gift from my dad, from Russia

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