Wednesday, June 23, 2010

UPDATE on Samantha's Modest Fashion Show Voting--*please read!*

UPDATE on the voting for Samantha's "Modest Fashion Week (which I was in):"

...She is extending the voting a few days, so hurry on over there and vote! Click HERE to view a list/sample picture of each young lady that was in it (including me, *hint hint*..just kidding!), and vote for the two you think best showed modesty/feminine fashion. I can't wait to find out who wins--the outfits each girl wore were spectacular, and it was so hard for me to choose just two!! =D The polls are on the top of her sidebar--you can't miss 'em! :)

P.S. ( ON MY "THRIFTY & CHIC! MODEST FASHION SHOW: Yes, this event is a SIX day event, not a five day--sorry for that wrong info, I must've counted wrong! Woops! =) But, it goes to the 25TH, which is two days from tonight (the 23rd). So, two more outfits, ladies!! :) 

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  1. Including you (*hint hint*) I voted for you FYI! And Joanna. :D


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