Monday, June 28, 2010

"Thrifty & chic" Voting!!

Here are *all* of the lovely young ladies who participated in this week's "Thrifty and Chic! Modest Fashion Show." I so enjoyed having ya'll, and hope everyone had fun! The outfits were spectacular and very chic, ;) as well as thrifty. Great job, everyone!

The polls are now open on the sidebar. After looking at some of their outfits, vote for the three girls you think demonstrated thriftyness and femininity with their chosen outfits. The polls will be open for five days, starting today--participants, tell your blogger friends and spread the word about voting!

So, without further adieu…=)

....So, now--go vote for your favorite three, and if I've forgotten someone who DID AT LEAST TWO DAYS of this fashion show, comment and let me know! And aren't these girls all *super* pretty in their lovely outfits? I was amazed at what they came up with! Thank you all for joining--I love ya'll!

~Miss Lucia~

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