Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Thrifty Chic" Modest Fashion Event HERE!

Okay, so about half the clothes in my closet are top-notch clothes. I mean, NAME BRAND clothes. And, of course, I got them all at name-brand stores, just because I can’t bear to shop anywhere else.

...KIDDING!! =P At least about the last part. =) Yes, a lot of my clothes are name brand--but I usually don’t find that out until after I’ve bought them. =D And guess where that top-notch store I get them at is??? Goodwill! My skirts and shirts and jeans are all from that blissful place (hehe), for the most part. I mean, with some people paying $100 for a skirt and then me paying $4 for a slightly used version of it later on…it’s a wonderful life, friends! =D

So now. I know that some of you are participating in the upcoming Modest Fashion Week, hosted by Miss Samantha of Simple Delights. There is also the Anne of Green Gables Fashion Week over at Bramblewood Fashion, hosted by Miss Ashley.

All that stuff I was saying earlier about me getting most of my stuff from Goodwill (and other such thrift stores) got me thinking. So guess what??

...I'm hosting the:


--What is the "Thrifty & Chic" Fashion Show? Attention, thrifty ladies!! From the 20th of June to the 25th a five day event is being held at this blog. It is designed to let young ladies showcase their thrifty talents, featuring photos of your outfits that are completley purchased at Goodwill, re-sale, on sale, or any thrift store! =)   

--Participating: If you decide this might be fun:

**EDIT** Link up at the top of the page.

>Take a photo each day of yourself in an outfit totally made up of items purchased at Goodwill, re-sale shops, thrift stores, or on-sale (yes, this counts, too!). Begin posting on June 20th. You will need five photos of different outfits for each day (I suggest you take them ahead or schedule your posts). 

>Your outfit does NOT have to be 'stylish.' =) Just wear/design an outfit that you like, and that fits your "style!"


~The photo and title/theme of your outfit for the day
~Where you got each item and (if you can remember) how much it was.
~The brand name of each item


~Your favorite thrift stores
~Your favorite brands
> **EDIT** Come to this blog after posting each outfit, and link up with the Mclinky that will be at the top of this blog.


1. You must have a blog somewhere.

2. All outfits must be modest. This means:

>No tight or low jeans
>No tight or low, revealing tops
>No tight or above-knee-length skirts or dresses

3. All outfits must have been bought below their original price. That's what the event's all about! =)

**On June 27th, I will go through the participant's entries and pick my favorite from each of their photos. I will then post these favorites on my blog (this one), and we will all vote on our favorites to decide three 'winners.' There is no *real* prize, but I will follow the 'winners' blogs, link their blogs under my fav. blog list, post their button on my sidebar (if they have one), and award them the "Thrifty Chic Fashion Event Winner" banner that they can put on their blog. =)**

...I really look forward to seeing your entries! Remember, if you plan on participtating, comment HERE! If you have any questions, email me at:

Check back soon for updates! Please spread the word by grabbing the button on the sidebar.

Miss Lucia


  1. I will be at church camp during this modest fashion show. :( I wish I could participate, but most all of my clothes are new, they were just on sale.


  2. Sounds like fun, Luci! I'll try to participate! =)
    Is it ok to post some of the outfits that I will wear during my Fashion Week since I won't be able to participate in my final judging ( sicne I'm the host).
    Just let me know!

    Miss Samantha

  3. I would LOVE to participate Lucia, but unfortunately, I can't because I don't own many things from thrifts stores, although I wish I did. You see, I only have ONE thrift store around me, and have not found any Modest clothes at it yet! :( Oh, well! I will enjoy looking at other young ladies entries!

    Thank you For inviting me anyway! You are so sweet!

    Your Loving Sister in Christ,

  4. Ooh! I have some neat stuff that I'd like to show! Sure! :) I'd LOVE to do this! How fun!

  5. Thanks Lucia!!! I will join you!!!
    God Bless,

  6. Definitely count me in, girl!! Oh my goodness, I get SO many of my clothes from Goodwill, it's not even funny! :) Wow, how fun! This will definitely be a 5-day-event that I won't miss. Too cool!
    God bless,
    ~Miss Raquel

  7. sounds like fun! I'll be participating. =]

  8. I would love to do this!!! I absolutely LOVE going to thrift stores, so most of my clothes are already from them, and am sure I can come up with something.... :)

  9. This sounds great! I'll definitely do it! I tried to comment and say this before but I don't think it sent. Sorry if you somehow get 2 comments from me! Anyway, my blog is

  10. I'm going to try to participate! It sounds like fun!

  11. Hm, I would LOVE to enter...but I don't really go to thrift stores...most of my clothes were either bought with coupons or during a sale, or my grandparents helped pay for them, or I got it for a present or even some handmedowns. Do any of those count??? I would love to do it, but I just don't know....besides, my camera has been hating me lately so I don't even know if I could do pictures. But, who knows? Just let me know if I 'qualify' to enter, even though I don;t go to thrift stores. :-P


  12. I'm a little late in joining in, but I'll start tomorrow!


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