Monday, June 7, 2010

Re-Sized Button...

First of all, thank you, ladies, for joining the "Thrifty and Chick! Modest Fashion Show" this week. I can't wait to see even more turn-outs! =) Please, even if you can't participate, spread the word by posting about it or using this button (below). I re-sized it--I know alot of you are having problems, when posting it to a sidebar, with the button being vut off! =( Sorry about that...and THANK YOU for posting it, girls! =)

...I know, it's still a little de-formed, :) but that's the best I can do--please replace the one you took with this one!
Thanks Again, and Blessings,
Miss Lucia

1 comment:

  1. Luci,
    Sorry about your cat, I know that is hard. I would love to post the button!!! I am new to blogger, but I came from Homestead. I have figured the whole thing out though!!
    God Bless,


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