Monday, June 21, 2010

Day TWO: Thrifty & Chic! Modest Fashion Week~ “Fieldy Pink and Brown”

....Well, it’s day TWO already for “Thrifty & Chic! Modest Fashion Week--” yay! Remember, you can *still* join in the fun--just click HERE to learn what to do, and then link up above! I’m going to be having all of the days available until the end of the event (June 25th), so you can link up to each even if you are behind/just joining. =)

Today, I'm using an old-ish picture that was originally for the “Modest Fashion Event” last week, but then I realized I had enough outfits for that already! So, here is my…

"Brown and Pink in the Field"

What I’m Wearing Today:

Brown short-sleeved blouse: “Arizona”--received for my birthday!
High under-tank: ON SALE at Old Navy--about $4 
Pink and brown floral skirt: Hand-me-down


  1. I LOVE this outfit!! It's so pretty!

  2. Hi there! Just want to let you know that I adore your oufit :) It looks great with the scenery and on you! God Bless You! ;)


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