Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day THREE: Thrifty & Chic Modest Fahion Event: "The Woodsy Summer" (plus updates!!)

...Wow--Day THREE already, girls! Thanks so much to all who have entered--go HERE to learn about this if you are just reading my blog, and feel that you want to enter!

Another note: I feel SO terrible, I just accidentally deleted 15 comments!! Aaah! I had clicked all of them to ‘publish’ them, but then I realized one young lady didn’t want her’s published, so I clicked ‘reject…’ forgetting that all of them were selected. And so, all were lost. =( So, if you would like to, re-comment on whatever you comment on, and I will be SO glad to publish them!!

**Also, YES, hand-me-downs, hand-sewn, and gift articles of clothing are allowed in the fashion show. Any other questions, please feel free to e-mail me at:**

Here is my outfit for day three of "Thrifty and Chic!" I am sorry for the fuzzyness of the photos...=( This is a very simple outfit, once again contrived of my *favorite* colors, plae yellow and white (though creme is preferrable). =D

"The Woodsy Summer"

What I am Wearing Today:

Yelllow blouse: ON SALE at Old Navy (haha, how'd you guess??;)--about $2
White tiered skirt: Ross: Dress for Less--$10 
White lacy under-tank: Ross: Dress for Less--$3
Brown flip-flops (which you can barely see--but yes, they are there!): Old Navy--two pairs for $5!!

**...And just for a small update about life around here....I know my posts for the past week have been ALL clothes, haha! =) 

I have had an EXTREMLEY busy week, and will continue to be busy. :) My sister and I are helping out at a Vacation Bible School down the road from us, every 6:00--9:30 pm until Friday. Then, once they are ripe, my brother Mark, and Olivia and I, are going to be helping out with some friends of ours' strawberry harvest at their farm, for two weeks...6:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. every day. So, strawberries in the mornings, school in the afternoons (yes, we are still working!!), and VBS in the evenings...plus chores, work, letters from pen-pals, blogging, :) daily living, etc...=B-U-S-Y!!! But still, I am enjoying it. =D Anyways, there's just a lil "update" for ya'll!**

Blessings to you all,
Miss Lucia


  1. Oh my goodness, Luci that is a beautiful outfit!! :D

  2. Luci,
    I'm terribly sorry that I haven't posted. I will post 3 today! Sorry,

  3. Hi again, =)

    You can disregard my earlier comment- I figured out what I needed to about the Fashion Week.


  4. Hi Luci! You have the most drop dead cutest outfits! What's up with Anne's link? It keeps on saying "Page Not Found" and something like the blog doesn't exsist? Whaaaa? Do you take these pictures or does somebody else? Just wondering, cause whoever does does a fantastic job! God bless.


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