Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day Three: Modest Fashion Week~"Polka Dot Pastel"

...Well, day three of "Modest Fashion Week" is upon us! Hmmm...what shall I wear today? Something bright? Something pink? Something floral? Something countrified? I think I'll go with...

"Polka Dot Pastel"

~Pardon the weird view...I just wanted to show you the pretty colors!~

What I'm Wearing:
Light green pastel sweater: "BP"--Goodwill
       Purple pastel tank-top: "Faded Glory"--Walmart
                        Polka-Dot pleated skirt: "Tracy Evens Limited"--Goodwill 
                                               Black flats: Fred Meyer's

...I looove black and white polka dots, but I sometimes have a hard time finding stuff to match this skirt! Luckily, I remebered this sweater and tank-top, not a perfect fit, but colorful enough! =)

These flats I found at Fred Meyer's...this isn't the best view of them, but I like the little bows on the top! I have never worn heels--flats are comfy, and what I like best to wear. Plus, they look "dressy" enough, and match any outfit--fancy or simple. :)


  1. That skirt is sooo cute! Love it!


  2. Lucia,

    Lovely outfit!!! I love all the colors. Pink and green are lovely together. :)

    You look very cute. Or, as the books would say, "Fresh as a spring flower". ;)

    In Christ Alone,

  3. Great colors! Love em! The skirt is especially eye catching! I'm having a "modest Fashion Show" July 1-7, and I would love if you could participate!

  4. This is a very cute outfit! :-) I love all of the colors!

  5. I LOVE your outfit, Lucia!


  6. Oh! I really love all the colors you chose - very pretty! And the polka dots add such a fun touch. :) The whole outfit is so simple, cute, and girly!

  7. What an adorable outfit! It's lovely!

  8. I love this! Such cute colors together! I like your blog too. :)


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